NBA Players-China Shoe Contracts Involves Companies Using Slave Labor

From “Daily Wire” on Facebook, Ben Shapiro is shown in a video clip on his show, “The Ben Shapiro Show,” talking to Clay Travis, founder of Outkick and also a sports journalist/analyst. They talk about how NBA players claim racism in America yet accept and involve themselves in China’s slave labor trade of products made. From Clay Travis, he confirms the NBA players and China’s hypocrisy due to the fact that it’s known from the area of Xinjiang, Muslims used in slave labor produces cotton for these shoes and other things. Travis names a few NBA players such as Clay Thompson, Dwayne Wade, D’Angelo Russell, Timmy Butler, etc… who has these contracts with Chinese companies using slave labor. Shapiro responds and says, “That’s not a shock at all, given the fact that, Lebron James for years, have been a Chinese apologist. He is, very obviously, upset that anybody had anything to say about Chinese takeover of Hong Kong, the first suggestion to a completely free country, to tyranny since World War II…” Clay Travis confirms and says Lebron James is even more unwilling to speak now because communistic China would pull his movie, “Space Jam 2” out of Chinese theaters, pull his products out of Chinese stores, and stop his ability to make money—James won’t take a stand for human rights because of this. 

Source and Image — “Daily Wire” Facebook page featuring Ben Shapiro on “The Ben Shapiro Show,” talking to Clay Travis, sports journalist and analyst and founder of Outkick —


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