CCP Crimes And Global Response: Chinese Communist Party’s Crimes Against Humanity

The information below is a collection of reports detailing the evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their systematic crackdown on, the persecution of good people who believe in Buddhas, Gods and Taos and how the people of the world are silenced by CCP money and threats. The suffering once confined within the borders of China has now spread to all nations of the world through the coronavirus. Now the worlds people are waking up to its brutal deeds, exposed in Hong Kong and through the emerging information in its overseas investments and infrastructure support, levering more countries to support their expansion and world domination.

Have they no conscience, those people in power to represent their nations! Some of those in power have said they too believe in those faiths but think that they act in doing what is best for their people and seek prosperity, instead of doing what’s right!

Crimes in China

Arrest and Torture of Falun Gong, Uyghurs, Buddhist Monks, House Christians and other religious groups

Persecution at school and the workplace

Documented rape cases

Organ Harvesting

Human body plastination with bodies from organ harvesting

Factory in Dalian advertising on the internet plastinated human body parts for medical or informational purposes.

Pharmaceutical companies aiding in organ transplantation

Unethically obtained breakthroughs in transplantation techniques – likely due to high numbers of transplants

Death Vans to obtain organs more rapidly

Uyghur Muslims imprisoned in concentration camps forced to give up their beliefs and replace them with Chinese Communist ideology

Han Chinese installed in Uyghur homes to spionage on their lifestyle and impose CCP ways

Forced sterilization of Uyghur women

Medical experimentation on arrested prisoners


Other reports

Removal of crosses from Christian places of worship

Demolition of churches and temples

Buddhist and Taoist Temples renamed as community centres or other non-religious centres

Buddhist and Taoist statues destroyed, reshaped or removed

Bible to be re-written as pro-communist

Various religious places of worship changed to worship Xi Jinping or Mao

Reports suggest China has overstretched its budget and the banks will soon collapse

Gross overspending and plan for a Megacity based around Beijing

School children in China taught to hate God and that Christianity is an evil cult

Propaganda & Censorship

HK issue

Hong Kong interference, triads sent to beat protestors, Chinese police infiltration to take harder line with students including use of live ammunition, arrested student sent to China as opposed to Hong Kong’s judicial system, general police brutality, rape of arrested students ?



Outside China

Uyghur camps told to be Vocational Training Centres condemned by 22 nations as violating human rights, 54 countries influenced by the CCP praise the CCP for their actions in retraining the Uyghurs

Confucius Institutes in many nations universities influence students on CCP affairs and spy on governments. Prejudice against Falun Gong as no Falun Gong practicing student can join the Confucius institutes

Embassies in many countries influence cultural affairs, close Shen Yun performances. Falun Dafa entries in parades in London and other places stopped

Overseas investment; many financially poor countries given loans they cannot pay back to gain influence

Australia sold assets and much of the landmass to China

Military build-up of warships tanks and planes. Russia annoyed by their reverse engineering of aircraft sold to the CCP

Organ recipients are lied about the source of the Organ they get

Many years back openly threatened China threatened America of a nuclear strike if they interfered in their plans to retake Taiwan

Baby milk scam

Plastic rice

Using the prisoners of conscience to manufacture cheap goods for the west, Letter from Masanjia

15 Scientific papers retracted over possible links to organ harvesting in China



Response by the World’s People

Resolution 343 by House of Representatives in USA Condemns the CCP for Organ Harvesting

Declaration 048 by the European Parliament Condemns the CCP for Organ Harvesting

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH)

International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

The China Tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC heard evidence and pronounced the Chinese Government as a Criminal State.

Full report and 8 minute video summary of the final judgement by the Tribunal

Closing statement after the Tribunal

USA declare their support for the Students in Hong Kong

Confucius Institutes in Canada, Belgium and other countries closed due to security concerns

David Kilgour, David Matas and Ethan Guttman talk around the world to over 50 countries parliaments including the USA and the European Parliament

The Epoch Times published the 9 Commentaries on the Communist Party to expose the rise of the Chinese Communist Party and their actions, leading to over 300 million people quitting the party

Since the 3rd of December 2004, 352,216,517 resigned from the CCP

Undercover Korean Investigative Journalists secretly film inside transplant centres in China

UN petition to investigate the organ harvesting crime of over 2.5 million signatures delivered in 2017. No action taken yet

Following the China Tribunal, International Human Rights Lawyers showcased the tribunals findings to the UN and asked for immediate action. No action taken yet

China Organ Harvesting Research Center (COHRC) highlight their findings

5 Countries passed laws preventing citizens from going to China for transplants: Spain, Italy, Israel, Taiwan and Hawaii. Others to follow soon



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