NIH Flags 500+ Scientists Allegedly With Ties To Foreign Regimes And Beijing Rejects Western “Constitutionalism”

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has flagged over 500+ scientists, who have been federally funded, and are allegedly being looked at for probable ties to foreign regimes. The biggest issue is that some of these scientists may have well also been granted and given money from foreign actors as well. Dr. Michael Lauer from NIH has told the Senate committee about foreign influences in American research—some foreign governments has systematically exploited the cooperative research between their people working for America through taxpayer funds, in regards to the biomedical field. Dr. Lauer has confirmed that over 90 institutions have been looked at and out of the 500 associated scientists, over 200 may have suspicious ties. Since 2020, 93% of the 189 scientists has been investigated and their funding comes from the Chinese government. At the present, over 100 scientists have been removed from their positions through various ways such as early retirement, being fired, resignations, etc… 

Candace Wright, a government accountability office official, really came down on the investigations, proclaiming that these NIH investigators needed better training and did not have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently do their jobs because they didn’t know about the institutions or how to determine who was involved and not. Her office also said that besides financial ties, the investigations should also focus on non-financial ties as to the purpose and its ties to those jobs. Another person, Gary Cantrell, from the Health Department Office of Inspector General, wants a better directive as to identify the threats of those from foreign governments and countries in relation to manipulating and using America to capitalize on profit and advanced research for their own agendas.

Recently, a couple people have been caught for conflicting interests. Earlier this week, a math professor was found to have taken foreign money from Beijing, while applying for federal grants. And, a Chinese born chemist has been accused of stealing US trade secrets worth 120 million dollars.

A top Chinese official in Beijing is pushing back at the West—China will not accept constitutionalism nor America’s 3 party system of judicial independence—this is according to an article from a news outlet of the Chinese regime. It was written by Wang Chen, the Vice President of the National Peoples’ Congress of China. He claims that the world powers is now of the “rise of the east and decline of the west”. This shadows Xi Jinping’s 2019 speech where Jinping refuses judicial independence, wanting only Chinese law and using it as a weapon against foreigners. A Chinese human rights lawyer says it’s impossible to do political reform under the Chinese Communistic Party’s rule—it would reduce the power of the party’s officials and return it to the people and that it would reveal the true history and nature of the Communist party and help its downfall.

SOURCE — YouTube Channel, “China In Focus – NTD” — (NIH, Scientists espionage for China—7:13 And Beijing rejecting constitutionalism—19:56) —


The world must stand up to the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP). They are communistic and corrupt and they are top-notch human rights abusers. They have committed much human rights genocide such as sexual assault and violence, live and forced organ harvesting, torture, slave labor, false imprisonment, and murder. Their victims include Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Christians, Muslim Uighur, Hong Kongers, and anybody who speaks out against their evil regime. They are bent on world domination and use dirty tactics and manipulation to hold people of important positions or government officials with hostage situations or bribes while destroying the countries’ land, resources, property, and people. Please say no to the Chinese Communistic Party. ( the history, structure, and consequences of the CCP — )

Falun Dafa is a spiritual meditation practice based on Buddhist principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. Since July 20th of 1999, Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, has been greatly persecuted and banned in China by the CCP to the present day. Out of jealousy, the CCP saw its popularity rising rapidly and decided to eradicate Falun Gong. However, true practitioners never desired political power and they continue to hold the three principles of their faith against the evil cult regime of the CCP, who are  based on godlessness, communism, corruption, and human rights genocide.( Information about Falun Dafa: AND its official website: )

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  1. ” … A top Chinese official in Beijing is pushing back at the West—China will not accept constitutionalism nor America’s 3 party system of judicial independence— …. 2019 … Jinping refuses judicial independence, wanting only Chinese law and using it as a weapon against foreigners… : Two comments [1] “Chinese law” is a contradiction: this is no Rule of Law under the theory and practice of Communism, especially as it is executed by the CCP because all persons and entities – especially all police, military, regulators and the “judiciary” – are bound to, and do, serve the CCP above all else. [2] The CCP’s rejection of constitutionalism is a perfect opportunity for all people of good will to promote the 1947 Constitution of the Republic of China as the proven, ready-made, ‘fit for purpose’ constitution-designate for all of China upon the much-awaited demise of the CCP. [The Republic’s nominee’s contribution to the construction of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights indicates the quality of the Republic’s pre-Communist governance : “The Universal Declaration of human rights (UDHR) has turned out to be a truly remarkable instrument, serving as a landmark in the history of mankind. P.C. Chang, the [Nationalist, Republic of China] chinese representative, participated in the leadership and the drafting work, and made an outstanding contribution in the drafting process: He defined the nature of the declaration accurately, successfully integrated confucianism into the declaration, solved many disputes relevant to human rights origins, made the declaration a rigorous structure, creatively broke the deadlocks and resolved conflicts, dominated the drafting process of the right to speak in the proposed mutual tolerance and harmonious social philosophy, and expounded china’s views on human rights to the world. These contributions were marked down in history, and his contributions were also the contributions of chinese civilization, national intelligence, and traditional culture.”]

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