Iran Deal With CCP Using Beidou Navigation System

Shocked by the Gulf War In Iraq because the US GPS (Global Positioning System, which is one of the four base providers of global satellite nagivation systems) played such a critical role, the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) spent over 26 years, along with 12 billion dollars and 55 satellites, to create the Beidou system. 

In the current times, the US has sanctioned Iran with these guidelines—countries are not allowed oil trade with Iran; if US currency is used, banks would be subject to US sanctions to allow severed US ties and freeze businesses/assets, and US pressure can cause the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) to cut ties off with Iran. However, Iran has made a deal with China and it bypasses US sanctions and currency.

Three things are noted in the Iran-CCP Beidou system deal, called the China-Iran Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement. This agreement is for 25 years and involves the usage of China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System. The CCP invests 400 million dollars into Iran for energy and infrastructure, oil and trade transactions between China and Iran will be dealt in Renminbi, and Iran will get the installation of the Beidou system for its missiles.

Iran will not be restricted and gain the firepower it wants since they are struggling financially with South Korea holding their 7 billion dollar oil money under US sanctions. And dealing in Renminbi yuan, the Chinese can save a ton of money not dealing in US currency. 

With efficient power and accuracy on missile targets in Iran, US carrier fleets in the Persian gulf becomes vulnerable targets. The Beidou system has 31 more satellites than the US GPS and for the CCP, it is an all-powerful tool for any day and weather in precision positioning, navigation, and timing with usage in the military, transportation, communication, urban surveillance, and other fields. Its coordinated operation of space and earth network expounds tens of thousands of equipment sets with well coordinated scheduling and monitoring management. Through this system, the CCP can spy and monitor the whole world. 

At the moment, the CCP is promoting quite profusely their system in correlation to their “One Belt, One Road” Initiative. 137 countries are involved and more than 100 of them has cooperated with the usage of the Beidou system. Now that Iran has also agreed, it is expected that the Middle Eastern countries will follow suit. Most countries who agreed are in Southeast Asia and Africa.

It is interesting to note that China allows foreign countries outside to use this for free, but charges its own citizens. A Chinese truck driver who was stressed by poor wages and the Beidou system, killed himself.

Ultimately, CCP seeks world domination and having an extremely poor human rights record, is very troubling for the rest of the world while their citizens live in poverty and terror. Chinese Commentator, Li Yanming, said, “The public alliance between the CCP and Iran is a sign that the CCP will further contain U.S. military deployments in the Middle East through Iran, distracting U.S. control over the Indo-Pacific region and paving the way for its military expansion in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and the world.”

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