CHINA WATCH — Can Western Civilization Stand Up To China And Their Human Right Abuses & Genocide?

Paul Murray, reporter for Sky News Australia, brings information on Tom Kenyon, a former labor trade minister, who gives great insight and sounds the horn on China, on the reliance and direction towards China nation. Kenyon says, “We must cut China ties I helped build. Unfortunately, we no longer have this luxury. Australia needs to begin disengaging economically from China, or at the very least, limiting our exposure to the Chinese economy. The CCP is the problem-because it is an organization that is hostile and alien to Western freedom and values.”

Murray states, “Why does this matter? Because we see yet again, by the United States, the double standards in which big multi-national companies are willing to stand up for apparent human rights or, at the very least, the concept of decency, let alone democracy…” 

Source — “Sky News Australia” YouTube channel


The world must stand up to the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP). They are communistic and corrupt and they are top-notch human rights abusers. They have committed much human rights genocide such as sexual assault and violence, live and forced organ harvesting, torture, slave labor, false imprisonment, and murder. Their victims include Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Christians, Muslim Uighur, Hong Kongers, and anybody who speaks out against their evil regime. They are bent on world domination and use dirty tactics and manipulation to hold people of important positions or government officials with hostage situations or bribes while destroying the countries’ land, resources, property, and people. Please say no to the Chinese Communistic Party. ( the history, structure, and consequences of the CCP — )

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