Joshua Philipp’s Analysis of Jin Canrong’s (Top Adviser To The CCP) Speech In 2016 And China’s Advancements In The Last Few Years And Current Plans To Overtake And Rule The USA

From Joshua Philipp’s YouTube channel, “Crossroads With Joshua Philipp,” (starting from 44:30 until end of video, ) he breaks down the Jin Canrong Speech in 2016 with this article from Epoch Times ( “CCP Adviser Outlined Detailed Plan To Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections,” ), in regards to China’s direction and actions towards the United States of America in the last few years and possible strategies in the current times.

As in the words of Joshua Philipp, “There’s interesting things happening with the Chinese Communistic Party. I want to make sure we have a lot of time to talk about it. Now folks, hear me out—I’ve talked a lot of about the Chinese Communistic Party’s United Front Work Department—I’ve talked a lot about how the Chinese Communistic Party has political warfare systems meant to interfere in the United States. I’ve talked a lot about how they make deals with different officials in the US, how they target different officials in the US and how they use these networks of influence created on American soil and other countries—most countries, in fact, to push the agenda of the Chinese Communistic Party.”

The topics discussed deals with the strategies of Jin Canrong’s 2016 speech, which alarmingly played focal a part in the last few years of China’s actions towards the US. Some of these things included “subvert the United States while strengthening China’s regime, interfering in US elections, controlling the American market, cultivating enemies to challenge the United States including terrorism, stealing American technology, and expanding Chinese territory”.

Source: YouTube channel, “Crossroads With Joshua Philipp” — ‘China Outlines Speech To Destroy America’ (44:30 until end of video)

You can also look at the full speech of Jin Canrong translated from Chinese to English from Jennifer Zeng with this link:


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