Campaign Started By CCP Used To Discredit True Testimonials Of Their Uighur Victims

Campaign Started By CCP Used To Discredit True Testimonials Of Their Uighur Victims

The Chinese government, ran by the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP), has been campaigning a script and choreography of terror and false propaganda to malign and discredit their former Uighur victims from being believed about the CCP’s true crimes and abuses against them. Up to date, obvious examples are the “Proof of Life” videos, which utilizes fake scripts of the victims having a healthy life and suffering no injuries. From the US-based Uyghur Human Rights Project, they have confirmed that 22 orchestrated videos of their victims presented by the government was used to discredit the Uighur who spoke out. Emily Upson, wrote the report, “The Government Never Oppresses Us,” in which her findings in a recent webinar, traced the development of CCP tactics and actions to exiled activists, blackening their names and questioning their moral character.

These scripts and well-maneuvered tactics were even used to turn family members against their loved ones. Some of these victims included beloved singer and musician Abdurehim Heyit, Ferkat Jawdat’s mother (son is software engineer), Sayragul Sauytbay (Uighur woman who suffered rape and torture and escaped Xinjiang), and many others. The terror presented by the CCP threatens anybody in dissension with being dragged and pummeled by their agents and officials—even social media is used and CCP members confront their victims and use their family as a way to shut down those who know the truth of the crimes and corruption of the CCP.

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The Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) controls all of China, including their government, police, and military. It is a state sponsored censorship of anything that goes against the communist regime. They commit human rights genocide such as slave labor, torture, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and live organ harvesting. They have many more victims than just the Muslim Uighur—their other victims are Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Christians, and anybody who speaks out against their corrupt regime. Please sign this petition to end the Chinese Communistic Party — .

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