Biden Finally Sanctions Chinese Officials For The Very First Time Since He Took Office

President Joe Biden sanctions 24 Chinese officials on Tuesday, which was a target of the Trump administration as well and prior to the meeting between the two countries of US and China that happened in Alaska. His reasoning was that Beijing was undermining Hong Kong’s partial autonomy, which was weakening bilateral ties. 

The measures was to counter Beijing governing Hong Kong in “suppression of dissent” and with Chinese policies, have fueled tensions, along with disagreements over issues such as trade, technology, and global influence.

“In a statement on the new sanctions, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken cited Beijing’s plans—approved by Chinese lawmakers last week—to revamp the electoral system in Hong Kong, a move meant to ensure that only people whom China’s Communist Party considers “patriots” will be allowed to govern the former British colony.”

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The Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) controls Beijing and all of China. They have not only suppressed dissent politically, but also have committed human rights genocide against their own people. Their crimes include live organ harvesting, slave labor, sexual assault, torture, and false imprisonment. The CCP’s victims are Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Christians, Muslim Uighur, Hong Kong citizens, Tawainese, and those who speak out or disagree with their communistic, extreme, and corrupt ideologies. Please sign the petition to end this evil regime — .

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