US IS Set To Meet China In Alaska On March 18th In A Very High Profile Meeting

US and China, with their representatives, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is meeting China’s Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi in Alaska on the 18th of March since Joe Biden took the presidential office in January. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spoke and wanted a strategic dialogue. However, Blinken disagrees—“This is a very important opportunity for us, in very frank terms, many concerns that we have with Beijing’s actions and behavior that are challenging the security, prosperity, and values of the United States and our partners and allies.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson also continued on expressing hopes for the US-China relationships to gain a steady development again with the Biden administration in reign. However, Blinken stated that at the moment, there is to be no engagements to follow up and said, “Those engagements, if they are to follow, really have to be based on the proposition that we’re seeing tangible progress and tangible outcomes on the issues of concern to us with China.”

US-based Current Affairs commentator, Tang Jingyuan, believes it is a clash between the US and China, who is headed by the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP). Jingyuan states, “The CCP is so eager to start a formal dialogue and to restore its relationship with the United States. In comparison, the United States purposely presented an indifferent gesture. This contrast reveals that the cold war Trump launched against the CCP during his term has put the CCP in a very difficult situation. Secondly, it validates Mike Pompeo’s statement from his CPAC speech—“China depends more on us than we do on them.” Another US-based Commentator on Current Affairs Ge Bidong also brought this forth, “In a recent interview with Voice of America, the Biden Administration has declared openly that it will not abandon Trump’s policies on China. However, as the Biden administration wants to overturn Trump’s principle of “America First,” it has reset the tone on U.S.-China relations, regarding China as “both a rival and a partner.” Overall, they are being soft on the CCP. 

Blinken started his trip on the 13th and he first visited Japan and South Korea, two US allies. Then, on his way back, he will meet China in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Source—“The Epoch Times”


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