Republican Lawmakers Introduce “Sister City Transparency Act” Bill To Counter ‘Sister Cities,’ Being Used By China Espionage And Influence

On Thursday, a few law makers including Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Roger Marshall of Kansas, and Marco Rubio of Florida, introduced the Sister City Transparency Act, which allows a US GAO investigation report of US sister cities with China partnerships. (A sister city is communities in two different countries that form a partnership agreement.) The US currently has 1,800 “sister city” partnerships with 138 countries—with China, they have 157 agreements.

“The [Chinese Communist Party] hides behind the veil of soft diplomacy and mutual benefit until its foreign partners exhibit political nonconformity,” Blackburn’s office told FOX Business, adding that sister cities are “similar to Confucius Institutes,” or partnerships between the CCP and U.S. public education institutions, that “may leave American communities vulnerable to foreign espionage and ideological coercion.” She isn’t encouraged by their lack of transparency based on the agreements, activities, and their employees.



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