“CONFUCIOUS Act” Bill Passes Senate To Control Threat Of Beijing’s Negative Influence On US Academic Schools And Universities

On March 4th, the Senate unanimously passed a bill dubbed the CONFUCIOUS Act to stop federal funding of all universities that does not follow through on taking control of who teaches and what is being taught, including from Beijing. It found that these Confucious institutes, basically Chinese culture centers, maintained by the central Chinese government, by the growing years, censored free speech and promoted Beijing propaganda.

“These institutes run by the authoritarian government of China will not allow the free exchange of ideas,” John Kennedy (R-La.), who sponsored the Bill stated this on the Senate Floor. “They will not allow anyone to talk about the Uyghurs or the people of Tibet or Hong Kong or what happened in Tiananmen Square.” Kennedy, also described the institutes as “propaganda centers that threaten academic liberty and free speech without shame. Too many American schools are falling victim to the political con every day.”

Included in the bill are the requirements of protecting academic freedom of speech and banning usage of foreign law on campus. In recent years, due to scrutiny, some were closed. As of last month, 64 were closed or in the process of closing with only 55 of them spread across America. Last year, the Trump administration deemed these Confucius Institutes as a foreign mission, stated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to stop “advancing Beijing’s global propaganda and malign influence campaign on U.S. campuses.”



The Chinese government is solely controlled by the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP). The CCP, besides all this negative influence, has committed human rights genocide against many of their own people, such as Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Uighur Muslims, Christians, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and anybody who speaks out against their corrupt, communistic regime. Their crimes, abuses, and violations include live organ harvesting, sexual assault, torture, slave labor, and false imprisonment. Please sign this petition to end the CCP — www.endccp.com .

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