Lord Philip Hunt Wants to Prevent Forced Organ Harvesting

From New Tang Dynasty in the United Kingdom (NTD UK News), they report that Lord Philip Hunt proposed an earlier amendment called “medicine and medical devices bill,“ which passed to gaining proof by consensual means of tissues obtained out of the country. Hunt acknowledges about knowing China’s illegal live organ harvesting and affirms he wants it stopped and the amendment is a small step, but a step to stop it. And last year, the London based tribunal conducted previous investigation, and found that, without a doubt, China has been doing forced organ harvesting in their own country for years from ‘prisoners of conscience’. 

He wants to do more, which is to ban organ tourism in China. There have been cases where people from the UK have gone to China to purchase them. In addition to that, he wants displays of cadavers to be illegal since some are suspect to be also prisoners of conscience and to stop UK companies from being complicit with China’s organ harvesting, such as not providing medical equipment for it.

He also states that by making a stand in the UK, other countries take notice and do what they’re doing, which is doing the right thing.

To look at this video, click on this link — https://youtu.be/21KxRAd9yLc


The Chinese Communistic Party’s crimes includes forced and live organ harvesting of ‘prisoners of conscience’. They have persecuted, tortured, falsely imprisoned, and murdered Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans, Muslim Uighur, Hong Kong people, other dissidents, Christians, and anybody who speaks out against their corrupt, communistic regime as well. Please sign this petition to end the CCP — www.endccp.com .

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