Concern For Communistic China Headed By The Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) Who Deals With Corporate America

From CPAC 2021 live, comes a section of panelists who discusses the sabotage, agenda, and corrupt principles of communism, in relation the China, who is controlled by the Chinese Communistic Party. Hosted by Gordon Chang, who is part of the American Conservative Union Foundation Board, talks to Joshua Philipps, reporter for Epoch times and of his own show, “Crossroads with Joshua Philipps. “; James Carafano, part of the Heritage Foundation; and Representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District. They relay messages about the importance of cutting ties and refusing Communist China due to their tactics and unscrupulous structure and principles, which is basically to use and take over countries.

Please watch the whole clip here —


The Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) has been making war on the free world for its country, land, and resources for decades. They commit mass human genocide and human rights abuses and violations against their own people—victims include Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, the Muslim Uighur, Tibetans, Hong Kong people, and anyone who speaks out against their state sponsored censorship and ideologies. Their regime’s crimes include sexual assault, false imprisonment, live organ harvesting, and torture. Please sign this petition to end the CCP — .

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