UK Foreign Minister Objects — Do Not Do Trade With Rights Abusers

From NTD, they reported that the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Dominic Raab, spoke openly about being cautious doing business with people who may have ties to human rights abuses and violations. He said that the UK should do no business with countries that commit human rights abuses and that the controversy lies with proposals dealing with businesses tied to these types of abuses and violations.

A week ago, Raab said that new rules were proposed to stop China’s Xinjiang region from doing business with the UK due to their genocide — the British Parliament also considered giving power to stopping free-trade  agreements should these abuses be evidenced and brought to light. Raab indicates, “The bar is being set incredibly high. I mean, frankly, we shouldn’t be engaged in free-trade negotiations with countries abusing human rights well below the level of genocide.” Furthermore, he continued that the high courts did not have the resources to investigate.

“I think there’s a second issue, which is really in relation to what we now know about what’s going on in Xinjiang, the question is whether, in relation to any country that engaged in those human rights abuses, you engage in free-trade negotiations. We shouldn’t be delegating the political question of who you engage in free-trade negotiations with the courts. That’s something MPs (members of Parliament) should hold government to account about and we absolutely embrace that,” says Raab.

Although China denies the allegations of human rights crimes, abuses, and violations in Xinjiang, Raab and Parliament were given evidence of forced labor of Muslim Uighurs last week, acknowledged by the United Nations who estimated that at least 1 million Muslims were still in slave labor camps. In addition to China, Britain is also hoping to make deals with the rest of the world by the expiration of a post-Brexit transition phase since leaving the European Union.

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