The Spread of Communism and the Ruination of Societies After it — ( What Communism is — hit this link — )

The Spread of Communism and the Ruination of Societies After it —

( What Communism is — hit this link — )

In society today, there are secret sects and orders, along with a few groups of people, who use worship of dark forces as a way to subdue mankind. Then, the doctrines and theologies used as a stronghold such as Marxism, communism, and socialism, which works hand in hand to strengthen and tie into politics and our economics system, for a few to control the majority.

We can see this by the anti-God semantics and processes where identity politics come into play and the politically correct culture condones the correct posture, but not the synonymous actions of a moral standard to copulate a stronghold of a nation that should thrive on democracy, where same rights and opportunities doesn’t mean losing your rights or self to supplicate the ones who don’t try but aren’t excelling AND also to thrive on a on a one nation’s republic, where one person can make a difference and not be subjugated to the alienation of his or her rights regardless if it is majority or minority.

When we supplicate idiosyncrasies, or what I like to call in general, the trivial insipid weaknesses of our fragile minds through the mockery of mollification, there leaves very little room for compromise or the order to even achieve a amiable and fair conclusion. For example, here in the United States, we have been so PC, that there are more than 50+ genders of a person and it hinged from the very start not to make mockery of a person who may not look too manly or womanly—where someone’s feelings however slight won and turned common sense into a rhapsody of something that should have the grace to turn the other cheek, forgive, and keep things simply. Here, people rage on PC politics and not regard the real issues. A word could hurt terribly producing screams from such belittled people, but committing felonies harming others physically is absolutely ok because the situation permits it.

Another example is the illegal immigration issue and this comes from the elites, the New World Order. If you noticed here in America — where it happened everywhere else, you put a president in power who works for another country’s interest and allows illegal immigration to control and distract from the corruption of the people on top. These hard core communists usually will offer crumbs to the people — free stuff and some money as a bait — while this is happening, pocketing millions and passing laws and making amendments to source the Big Tech and Big Corporations that will eventually control the rest of the country in many different ways. And this starts with the concept of communism — which is the idea of redistribution of wealth to make it fair to the poor and pretend acknowledgement to the middle class. In the last couple decades, this has been played out in the same way — in other countries as well, Venezuela, China, Brazil…and it started out quite similar. The module usually begins with a few on top using state sponsored media to get rid of opponents while promising crumbs to the people in the kind concept of redistribution of wealth along with false propaganda and special operations process to vilify the democracy and the civil rights and liberties a country already has. This is the real process of communism — and it is absolutely wrong and have created many conflicts in the world, in different countries.

One of the communist governments in the world affecting the rest of the world today is the Chinese Communistic Party. They have done a lot of debt trap deals to take advantage of poorer countries, used terror and high-handed tactics to take out a country’s power and hold hostage high profile and high-position officials in different countries, along with their poor human rights record with plenty of evidence and testimony of their persecution against religious minorities such as Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, Tibetans, Ughyurs, and other dissidents and “prisoners of conscience” who speak out against their corrupt, atheist, and communist regime. Please sign this petition to end the CCP —

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