An Editorial on the USA 2020 Presidential Elections

Profusely, I saw the attack and the tactics used by the left, with some public acknowledgment and evidence of election fraud and fake votes, that was entirely dismissed on baseless grounds of just not accepting the evidence as it is. And it got worse as more evidence was collected — the judges threw out the evidence and refused the truth — I feel that in my heart, either they were compromised or in league with those who rigged the elections. There were at least 4-6 states that determined and factored in favoring the win for either the sitting president, Donald J Trump or his challenger, Joe Biden. It was especially bad in Georgia, as it was presented very clearly that there were fraudulent votes and still, it was dismissed.

I was astonished at the corruption of the DNC and their puppets who did indeed rigged the election — even certain elected officials were in on it — they either hated Donald J Trump or deliberately did it because they had something to hide, and/or were compromised or out of protection for hiding their corruption. They also had Dominion voting machines which were shown to have software to manually change votes and how it was hacked and controlled to show astonishing, unbelievable votes along with security watermarked ballots and other ballots printed out falsely without security clearances. This should have been enough in a few states to overturn the election, ask for an official audit in every state, and redo the election if it was rigged or falsified.

The most horrifying things I’ve seen during this process is where all the workers in the process of the election decided to peer pressure and use false propaganda or hate propaganda to terrorize and pressure people to jump on the bandwagon to vote. In fact, where I used to live, there were a couple people who worked for the election voting process threaten other people if they didn’t vote for Joe Biden and/or use hateful rhetoric to harm others if they didn’t agree with their opinion. And I’m sure this happened in other places — I’ve seen comments on social media and heard people in real life make statements to assure that this type of behavior is criminal like and factored the influence in who each vote for.

Then there was the March for Trump in DC, which was horrifying and misconstrued by a few people, of whom QAnon and even BLM who pretended to be Trump supporters instigated and barged right into the Capitol Building. The social media lies and false propaganda was victorious in their viciousness — they spewed a lot of hate not backed by the truth and Donald Trump’s statements were very honorable. I was appalled by the wickedness and lies of the left mainstream media and their outright lies to defame Donald Trump. It’s quite sad — but the truth will come to light.

I find that God has a hand for everything and may salvation and protection be given to those who seek goodness and justice, and not lies and false propaganda to destroy humanity as I also believe that Trump is chosen by God to lead America and be a beacon of light, not only for America, but for human rights and freedoms everywhere.

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