China’s Suppression Against Religious Freedom — Can It be a Threat To The Rest Of The World?

Here in this personal interview, Joshua Philipps, news anchor of YouTube channel, “Crossroads with Joshua Philipps,” talks candidly to William L. Saunders, chair to the Religious Liberties Practice Group of the Federalist Society. Saunders is considered to be a religious liberty and human rights scholar, currently serving at The Catholic University of America.

The topics approached includes the general discussion involving the Dalai Lama; the persecution of religious freedom by China against Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, Ughyurs, and other religious minorities; the Chinese tactics of religious persecution such as demolishing churches and torturing/persecuting dissidents and anyone not in adherence of their communistic ideologies; the conformity to the Chinese Communistic Party  and their atheist communist regime to replace God; besides, other things as well.

Please click on the YouTube link below and watch it for much clarification. Also, sign this petition to end the Chinese Communistic Party because we want their consistent human rights genocidal record and actions to be toppled and stopped — 

Joshua Philipps, “Crossroads with Joshua Philipps” — ‘ China’s Religious Suppression Could Spread If Not Challenged—Interview With William L. Saunders:

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