The General USA Presidential Election: Fraudulent and Rigged, Partly Enabled by the Chinese Government (The Chinese Communistic Party, CCP)

Links to sources indicating China’s involvement in the fraudulent US Presidential 2020 election: (this is from YouTube channel, “Inconvenient Truths By Jennifer Zeng” — this episode has to do with a man named Ollervides who actually went and found evidence of a factory in China who printed out actual ballots that went into the US election) (this is from NTD YouTube channel — this episode brings forth various allegations from Trump attorney Sidney Powell who makes allegations against the company Dominion, that made the voting machines in agreement with China parts, which were manually changed and votes were changed/gritted for Biden wins)

Further noted is the indication when the Trump team were told to keep all paperwork and evidence in regards to the Dominion voting machines —

Even in this article here — — it’s overwhelming that Chinese propaganda who touts its iron grip on the Chinese citizens in China decides to embroil their hate and censorship against the USA, calling them a laughingstock, when they have been found in league, to even assisting this rigged election in 2020.

And with Tucker Carlson, even more evidence that China was involved and wants to control the USA, showcasing with them admitting they had people at the top in the US —

These are just indeed a few examples with more evidence and dead/withheld whistleblowers at the moment. The Chinese government headed by the CCP (Chinese Communistic Party) are evil — their satanic atheism and human rights crimes and genocide against their own people are appalling — their treatment and agreements with the rest of the countries they deal with are based on physical force and threats and blackmail, financial instability, and domestic terrorism of false propaganda, faulty and manipulative contracts/agreements, and much corruption.

Please, if you know of any CCP agents or those who are in relation to the Chinese Communistic Party, please notify your government, law enforcement, and/or neighbors, because they tend to commit to criminal or wrongful acts on behalf of the CCP. Also, please sign this petition to end the regime of the Chinese Communistic Party —

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