500 Chinese Billionaires And Of The Chinese Communistic Party Flee China; Most Feared The Party Collapsing in Recent Years

So, there was an investigation and it was found that 500 wealthy Chinese immigrants were able to obtain citizenship with Cyprus, a small Mediterranean country. Furthermore, looking into the scope of those people, it was discovered that they were mainly part of the Chinese Communistic Party and it was known that these officials and families of the CCP feared and understood that the Party was going to collapse sooner or later. Even more shocking, the investigation also correlated to other countries who accepted the families of these corrupt agents within USA, Canada, and even Australia.

Between 2017 and 2019, there were 1400 citizenships  issued by Cyprus and obviously, the investigation indicates that these members and their families of the CCP feared losing their assets and wealth due to the corruptions and human rights, crimes, and violations committed by the CCP. Sheng Xue, a Chinese-Canadian Author spoke out and said this, “They are afraid to be sanctioned, to have their sources of wealth investigated, and to be held accountable for their inhumane crimes committed in countries like the Five Eyes Alliance. Therefore, they are willing to choose those small unknown countries.” Before the 18th National People Congress, an internal investigation was conducted which showed that more than 85% of the families of the CCP had settled outside of China.

To watch the full video, click on this link: https://youtu.be/LbfDvJCQMj4

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