China-Russia Relations Become Strained As Well As The 220,000 Chinese Communistic Spies Have Been Revealed in Leak Documents And Other Recent Problematic Situations Coming To Light

(Reported by Joshua Philipp, show “Crossroads with Joshua Philipp”):
Since illegal activities and criminal persons have been revealed to the public about the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP), China’s growing internal and external conflicts has strained relations with Russia and those they do business with. These include the leaked documents revealing the 220,000 spies who pose as students for the Belt and Road initiative and civil diplomacy under its United Front Work Department, subjugating third world nations with “debt-trap” contracts/loans, the recent spotlight and charges on Chinese thefts of intellectual properties tied to US national security and interests, the new national security law in Hong Kong which encourages more oppression in other countries besides Hong Kong and China, and other things.

Watch the full video for details into the CCP criminal activities here (click on link and then click to watch video on page): or

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