Chinese Boats and Ships Stranded After Refusal Of Being Allowed To Dock

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💢 Really? Nearly a thousand Chinese crews are stranded in the sea.

′′ Watching crews from other countries get off the ship, Chinese crews can’t return home at the door of their homes, that’s a heart-hearted lamentation, ′′ The net name ′′ Little Mermaid Mermaid ′′ sent online.

As a result of the outbreak of the CPC virus, the cruise industry has completely stopped navigating, and there may be nearly thousands of Chinese crew members stranded overseas. These crew members are waiting hard at sea, trapped on a cruise ship for several months, and the day of return is still far away. No life. Many people have mental breakdowns and even killed themselves. The physically and mentally exhausted crew members were forced to send open letters for help.

A Chinese crew member of the net name ′′ Leooo revealed on the mainland microblog on June 8, that he is the Majesty of the seas IMO:8819512)船員,船上有 300 A Chinese crew member, currently docked in Dover, England, hasn’t set foot on land for more than a hundred days, and every day feels like he’s in jail. The other ship ′′ Empress of the seas IMO:8716899)停泊在英國南安普頓附近,船上有 323 Chinese crew members.

′′ Leooo…… says the company has been committed to sending them home, and the company has been without domestic approval.” ′′ The first plan 3·26 sent us home, cancelled…… and the second plan 5.12 Charter flight number 6·9 sent us home and canceled…… 6·2rd plan 6·2 charter flight to send us home, canceled.” Now plan on charter flight 6·9 to send us home, the big probability is also going to cancel……

Indeed, on June 9, ′′ Leooo. ′′ sent a message that the original charter flight return plan had been cancelled because the state had not yet agreed. He has no much expectations for returning home. He questioned: ′′ The Philippines’s counterparts were taken back by government charter flights. Indian colleagues drove back by ship. The US, the UK, Ukraine, Romania, South Korea, and Japan all went back. Why can’t we Chinese go back to the arms of our beloved motherland?” His two microbogs have been deleted now.

On June 5, a Chinese crew member named @trista Yue also posted a letter for help on the Weibo. The letter said that more than Chinese crew members were unable to return home in the Philippines waters. They asked many times to return, but the Chinese embassy repeatedly excused. She was constantly hearing about seamans who jumped into the sea because of a mental breakdown and committed suicide. Trista Yue’s microblog quickly attracted attention, but the account number has been deleted for now.

The above news triggered the resonance of many overseas crews, and each left a message about their encounter.

First Financial Economy reported that the problem of landing seafarers is becoming more and more prominent. This involves more than 80 Chinese crew members working on international navigation ships.

These Chinese crews who have been rejected outside the national gate and wandering at sea, and the sad question: ′′ I don’t understand where the powerful motherland is?” is indeed heartbreaking!

Chinese crews are drifting at sea, their motherland is not absent, but is occupied by the Chinese Communist Party, not China! The Chinese people have been enslaved by the Chinese Communist Communist Party in 1949 with lies and violence. Various movements have continued to go on and on and on, the three rebellion, the Five Ants, the Cultural Revolution, the th Holocaust, the brutal persecution of Falun Gong, the organs of Fal The Chinese Communist Party persecuted million Chinese people to death, and the sin was unnecessary, and it caused people to resent

Nowadays, the Chinese Communist Party is in trouble, and the people of Hong Kong continue to fight against the Hong Kong Version of the National Security Law, and people from all sectors of Mainland China are Former Chinese football famous Wu Haidong, the New China Federal Declaration read out on June 4, said: ′′ The elimination of the CCP is to break the slave yoke of the Chinese people, and the realization of world peace :” The New China Federation without the Communist Communist Party is a must for the prosperity of the whole people and the world

Recently, the Hong Kong businessman, Mr Wu Yong-ying, and the former White House adviser, Bannon, have joined hands to push the ′′ CPC Movement “. and an international anti-communist coalition led by the United

The history of mankind has entered a crucial moment in the great battle of good and evil It is inevitable for the development of history to destroy the CCP. If you abandon the CCP and stay away from the CCP, and have joined the CCP, regiment, and team organizations, you must withdraw as soon as possible, and get on the side of the good, you can get peace and

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