Senator Josh Hawley Introduces I Am #Slavefree Campaign

From Truth17 – Truth Media on Facebook: 

LeBron James Torched For Enabling and Benefiting From “Chinese Slave Labor” in Blistering Takedown

Senator Hawley is snow calling on LeBron and all the other NBA SJW’s to denounce China’s slave labor and boycott wearing products that are made in China.

…all while wearing shoes and uniforms that are made in China by forced slave labor.

And they won’t say anything about it, because China now “owns” the NBA and everything they say and do.

People like LeBron James and his “amazing virtue” are for sale to the highest Chinese bid.

Bravo Josh Hawley.

LeBron James shouldn’t be allowed to utter a single word without everyone jumping on him, demanding he denounces China’s slave labor.

Watch the video here:


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