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Documentary: How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World ep. 7–Infiltrating the West pt.1 | NTD ( )

The 2016 American presidential election was one of the most dramatic in decades. Though voter turnout was a low 58 percent, the campaign trail was full of twists and turns that persisted even after the election. The winner, Republican candidate Donald Trump, found himself besieged by negative media coverage and protests in cities around the nation. The demonstrators held signs emblazoned with slogans such as “Not My President,” declaring Trump to be racist, sexist, xenophobic, or a Nazi. There were demands for a recount and threats of impeachment.

Investigative journalism has revealed that many of these protests were instigated by certain interest groups. As shown in “America Under Siege: Civil War 2017,” a documentary directed by Florida-based researcher Trevor Loudon, a significant portion of the demonstrators were “professional revolutionaries” with ties to communist regimes and other authoritarian states, such as North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, or Cuba. Loudon’s work also highlighted the role of two prominent American socialist organizations, the Stalinist Workers World Party and the Maoist Freedom Road Socialist Organization. 

Having researched the communist movement since the 1980s, Loudon determined that left-wing organizations have made the United States their primary target for infiltration and subversion. The fields of American politics, education, media, and business have increasingly shifted to the left under the influence of well-placed individuals. Even as people around the globe cheered the triumph of the free world after the Cold War, communism was stealthily taking over public institutions of Western society in preparation for the final struggle.

America is the light of the free world and carries out the God-given mission of policing the globe. It was the involvement of the United States that determined the outcomes of the world wars. During the Cold War, facing the menace of nuclear holocaust, America successfully contained the Soviet bloc until the disintegration of the Soviet and Eastern European communist regimes.

The founding fathers of America applied their knowledge of Western religious and philosophical traditions to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents recognize as self-evident the rights bestowed upon man by God — starting with the freedoms of belief and speech — and established separation of powers to guarantee the republican system of government. 

While the United States fought a civil war, that war was for the purpose of fully realizing America’s founding principles by ending the institution of slavery. Over 200 years, those principles have done an unparalleled job of promoting “domestic tranquility” and securing the “general welfare” promised in the preamble to the Constitution.

The freedom of the Western Hemisphere runs directly counter to the goal of communism, which is to enslave and destroy humanity. Masking itself with the beautiful vision of a collective, egalitarian society, communism directed its envoys in human society to carry out its schemes across the entire world.

While communism manifests itself in Eastern countries, such as the Soviet Union or China, as totalitarian governments, mass killing, and the destruction of traditional culture, it has been silently and steadily gaining control over the West using subversion and disinformation. It is eroding the economy, political processes, social structures, and moral fabric of humanity to bring about its degeneration and destruction.

Since the Communist Party does not have leadership over Western countries, communist supporters, wittingly or not, disguise themselves by infiltrating all sorts of organizations and institutions. There are at least four major forces driving communist subversion in the West.

The 1st agent of subversion was the Soviet Union, which founded the communist Third International (Comintern) to spread revolution worldwide. 

The 2nd means of subversion was effected by local communist parties, which worked with the Soviet Communist Party and the Comintern.

3rd, economic crisis and social upheaval have encouraged many Western governments to adopt socialist policies in the last few decades, resulting in a steady shift to the left.

The 4th force of subversion comes from those who sympathize with and support the Communist Party and socialism. These fellow travelers serve communism as a fifth column of “useful idiots” within Western society, helping to destroy its culture, sow moral degeneracy, and undermine legitimate government.

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