U.S. investigating Chinese Spies Hiding At The San Francisco Chinese Consulate

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U.S. officials cite ‚Äúsubversive behavior‚ÄĚ and stealing trade secrets as reasons for closing the Chinese consulate in Houston. They describe the consulate as an “epicenter of research theft.”

A person with connections to China‚Äôs military is reportedly hiding out at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. President Trump says ‘it’s always’ possible’ that more Chinese missions will be shut down.

Under pressure from Beijing‚Äôs draconian security law, many businesses in Hong Kong were quick to self censor. But some have found creative ways to express their demands. 

Three senior infectious disease specialists resigned from the University of Hong Kong. They’re from the same university as the whistleblower that recently disclosed the CCP’s virus coverup.

And a third provincial region in China reports new virus cases. This follows outbreaks in Beijing and Xinjiang. Now, hundreds of thousands will be tested for the virus there.

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