The deceptive nature of communism and socialism.

Many people don’t understand the deceptive nature of communism and socialism.

In fact, any concept of communism or socialism ignores the weakness of human nature. People who don’t work can get evenly distributed resources, which is unfair and unethical. It is also immoral to take the fruits of other people’s labor for oneself when one cannot see that they are better off. This behavior is full of jealousy and predatory nature.

Those concepts also ignore the redistributor. There must be a redistributor for all assets to be redistributed. After all land and property is expropriated in the name of the state, the redistributor of land and wealth, the Communist Party, will redistribute, regardless if it’s the partly predatory nature of socialism or the absolute predatory nature of communism. This so-called redistribution system, which ultimately replaces the freedom of individual ownership of wealth and assets, deprives people to control their own wealth and assets, even the protection of their human rights. This is equivalent to losing everything and becoming modern-day slaves. At the same time, it is easy for an amoral person to misuse the concept. The party leader who controls the country can easily take over all the wealth and assets in the name of the state. Through this highly centralized system, he can become a super dictator who owns everything.

This is fundamentally different from the ethical and non-coercive social ideals of redistribution that Christians conceived from early on, which is based on voluntary contributions under the premise of preserving the freedom of personal assets.

The scourge of communism has been unfolding in China and around the world for a hundred years. Mankind must recognize the evil nature of communism to be free.

The western founders of the communist concept, the gang of the so-called Illuminati (a secret organization that believes in Satan) secretly changed the concept. Marx was hired as a writer to disguise his highly authoritarian New World Order (NWO) as communism. In fact, it was a deception. When the Bavarian government in Germany suppressed the plan, it went underground. In the beginning, the gang’s emblem had the image of Satan, but later on, it was changed to a wolf wearing sheep fur. This is dedicated to the art of hypocrisy and deceit.

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