Former Weibo Editor Speaks About China’s Censorship Practices

From Facebook page, China Classsified:

[Exclusive] Former Weibo Editor Exposes the CCP’s Shady Censorship Practices |China | Epoch News
China Declassified
Liu Li-Peng who worked at Sina Weibo and at Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp., fled to the U.S. from China this year.

In recent interviews with The Epoch Times and NTD, he exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly severe censorship, information control, and manipulation of public opinion that is being exported overseas to threaten freedom of speech in free societies.

Liu said that the Chinese Communist Party recruits staff within the system, from universities, colleges and high schools and all kinds of prisoners to form a group of internet commentators, commonly known as “Wumao (fifty cents)” to carry out the CCP’s operational orders and control public opinion.

Liu estimated that there are about 1 million to 2 million review editors belonging to Chinese private departments, the size is comparable to internet commentators. And the most sensitive words that the CCP fears are “June 4th” and “Falun Gong”. Liu said that as the CCP tightens the control of speech, internet censorship gets worse and worse, controlling public opinion and suppressing ideology. He said: “The CCP just keeps erasing people’s memories, the memory of the internet, and the ability of the internet to remember, and then keeps distorting the truth.”

Liu now cherishes freedom of speech after he arrived in the U.S.

Liu Li-Peng is disgusted with the CCP’s censorship. He collected many censorship orders and related documents and has offered them to the Committee to Protect Journalists and Canadian Citizen Lab for research.

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Credit@The Epoch Times

The Facebook video is on its page, China Classified, and was posted just a couple hours ago on this date, July 16, 2020.

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