Opposition Comes Up Against Beijing’s Live Organ Harvesting

Beijing’s grisly practice of live organ harvesting has again come into the spotlight in June as two European countries joined a chorus of opposition against the illicit trade.

For decades, the regime has faced mounting allegations that it is killing prisoners of conscience en masse to sell their organs on the transplant market.

“We are deeply concerned about this, it is simply unbearable,” Gudrun Kugler, a member of Austria’s parliament, said on June 23, after the parliament’s human rights committee unanimously passed her resolution to combat trafficking of organs and humans.

“Time and again reports of illegal trafficking of human organs have surfaced in the People’s Republic of China that contradict all human rights and ethical standards,” said a statement from Kugler’s office.

Ethnic and religious minorities, including Uyghur Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, and Christians are among the groups particularly affected by such abuses, she added.


source: Facebook page, Truth10 – Truth Media

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