Upcoming US Presidential Election: All About China Says Steve Bannon

From Truth10 – Truth Media on Facebook:

Steve Bannon, former senior White House strategist and CEO of Donald Trump’s winning 2016 presidential campaign, believes China will be center stage at the upcoming US presidential election.

I said that that is going to be a generational struggle. You’re not going to wave a magic wand. I think 2020 is shaping up in the last 150 days to be just this classic counter of the globalism of Joe Biden and the Wall Street faction of the Democratic Party versus the economic nationalism and populism of Trump and potentially some slice of the Bernie [Sanders] contingent.

Bannon: My advice to the government [of China] is quite simple. Dissolve yourself. Declare immediately that you’re going to go to democratic institutions and a democratic form of government – to immediate land reform, to immediate personal property reform. Tear down the firewall. Allow the great and noble Chinese people to finally be free.

It is outrageous in the 21st century, in starting the third decade of the 21st century, that the Chinese people, of all people on Earth, do not have free, unfettered access to the Internet, do not have land reform, do not have personal property rights, do not have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion.

It is stunningly outrageous. And hundreds of years from now, when they look back at this time, when the Chinese people eventually have their freedom, they will be stunned that the global elites of the world, the party of Davos, the intellectual, the cultural, the financial and the corporate elites allowed this to happen and supported enslaving the Chinese people. People would be stunned, just like your children, when they look back over time and say, how could people have slaves?


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