The Secret Purpose of the CCP’s Deadly Covid-19

China dangerously and recklessly covered up the epidemic of the Coronavirus, when it was first spread in the area of Wuhan and hiding this information, it caught the world unaware as the vast majority of visitors traveling abroad from China, were apparently not screened. Due to the coverup by the Chinese government, controlled by the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP), the epidemic turned into a pandemic affecting many countries, here in the United States, the EU and the rest of the worlds people. The CCP regime is responsible for the deaths of those who were infected and did not recover. Continuing on, there is a more sinister scheme to destroy the West.

The world should unite and sue the Chinese Communist Party for its crimes. It deserves to be punished with huge indemnity to every country for the untimely loss of countless lives and massive economic losses.

A compromising situation includes the donations and receiving of masks. China is quite persuasive and they undermine other countries. For example, countries thank China for the assistance of receiving masks during this Coronavirus pandemic—but they don’t realize that a huge amount of masks were donated to China before, specifically to the Chinese Red Cross. The head of Red Cross China is the CCP leader, Wangqishan. They don’t give the masks to the doctors in Wuhan and neither do they give them to the people—instead, they sell them for a profit. Buyers soon discover what they bought was donated. But the CCP is laughing at the western countries that don’t have masks and request gratitude for taking them back. Isn’t that ridiculous?

A student in the US buy masks off Amazon and discovers that it’s from the donations given to Wuhan.

And some people, upon buying masks from China, discover that those are poor quality and ineffective. Recently, 340,000 coronavirus test kits Spain bought from China were faulty, a report stated. Same as most of the products made in China. The vaccine from China is flawed with obvious developments of the people infected who are shown to still carry the virus which easily could return to further the impact of the illness on their bodies.

The Secret plan of CCP

Mr. Chi Haotian (former Minister of National Defense China,) spoke in a secret meeting of a plot by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to unleash a deadly virus on the world, targeting Western countries, according to an article by The Epoch times in Globalintelhub.

There is new information that the underground Wuhan P4 virus Lab is closely connected to China’s military department. Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, warned the United States—“Don’t push Pandora’s Box” in Beijing on June 18 of last year. Unfortunately, China’s Pandora’s Box is in the form of creating a biological warfare weapon in Wuhan P4 Lab that was opened by accident and then it spread. Regal Guo Wengui pointed out that the most important headline was written on the window of the laboratory as soon as anybody entered, it said, “As soon as you step through this door, you walk into Pandora’s box …”

Indian scientist: Virus suspected of being a synthetic biochemical weapon.

As the video and Guiwengui indicates , it originally targeted Hong Kong and Western countries. Its aim—world control by using a lethal virus to create chaos in foreign countries that are against CCP corruption and rule, due to the fact that the western countries’ values and democracies oppose any form of dictatorship.

Many government members or people from the aristocracy have contracted the virus, as the CCP originally targeted them. But, has China lost control now?

Mr. Chi Haotian spoke about CCP’s intentions two decades ago. Can this be why so many government members have been infected so suddenly?

Shi Zhengli, a science professor, created the virus, but Yuan Zhiming, invited France to help China build the P4 virus Lab. He is currently the Party’s committee secretary—he lied to France, as this P4 virus Lab secretly cooperates with the military to create biochemical weapons.

Take a look at this hard evidence about Shizhengli and that she created the Wuhan virus. The China bat she used, show us it’s not possible to create from the US. As the CCP is lying again by shifting public attention away from the truth, as they attempt to evade responsibility, by placing the blame on the US and/or other western countries.

Reporting Zhengli Shi with real evidence in Weibo
Wuhan Coronavirus is a combination of two kinds of coronaviruses, which from snake and China bat——professor group from Beijing University
(source from Xinjiyuan media)

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020, Lighthouse Breaking News Agency (@FHD_News) tweeted; “Shi Zhengli reported that the coronavirus was transmitted by mosquitoes!”  Shi Zhengli’s supervisor Yuan Zhiming’s “arbovirus” job was the investigation of mosquito-borne viruses.

Is Yuan Zhiming the Head of Wuhan Institute of Virology? Yuan Zhiming is a so-called “researcher” in this institute and is indeed the leader of Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the main department of this institute. He is also the director of the P4 department inside this institute. He is the former Party Secretary of this institute. This information points directly to the P4 laboratory, built with the PLA, aiming at biochemical warfare.

Shi Zhengli was exposed first and most likely a scapegoat.

CCP covers all news and mislead the public

Morgan Ortagus said: By Jan. 3, Chinese authorities had already ordered that all COVID-19 virus samples be destroyed, along with silencing Wuhan doctors and censoring public concerns online.

Spokesperson CHN is right: This is a timeline the world must absolutely scrutinize.

Doctor Li Wenliang was killed as he knew Patient 0, the source of the virus. However, the CCP hid the truth with fake news with a claim that it’s getting better or they have a solution. But it’s all fake!

The CCP is not to be trusted under any circumstances until they come clean. 

All information from the CCP is lying upon lies.

Within 35 minutes, Dr. Li was being injected with 50 ml of adrenaline

There is a joke in Beijing that people often laugh about, it is, “the only real news is the date on CCTV!” 

There is a law in China that does not allow people to spread information about any virus issue and anyone spreading it will be arrested. Therefore, not much information can be obtained, but from social media, such as public chats one can see—it’s really getting much worse now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed to order 1 million more body bags in February. Meanwhile, the head of a telecom company in China said that the possible effects and spread of the virus, has caused the unsubscription of 18 million users cell phone contracts.

Factories, who were ordered by the government, had produced 1 million body bags.

On September 18, 2019 ,Wuhan Airport ordered an emergency drill response to simulate the whole process of controlling and reducing a new strain of the coronavirus illness. Why did it happen just before the virus spread?

On September 18, 2019, Wuhan Airport ordered an emergency drill response to simulate the whole process of controlling and reducing a new strain of the coronavirus illness. Which is the same name they use for this coronavirus.

The CCP also refused a prominent US professor’s offer of assistance with the virus. Why? Is the CCP creating bioweapons and planning to destroy US and western countries so that they can take control of the world and all of its resources? After all, it has no conscience in any case. This is evident in the treatment of animals, the 20 years of brutal persecution against the the Falun Gong, and not to mention other religious and minority groups like the Uighurs and Christians, who are completely oppressed.

CCP’s plan to control the world through economical manipulation

The countries that engage and are in agreement and allegiance to the Belt and Road Project with CCP will, in the end, become poorer. The Belt and Road project is a commercial way to control the world from inside China. Most Westerners don’t know how dangerous it is to cooperate with the CCP and naively believe the CCP will follow protocol—not knowing that the CCP are liars and they only follow their own rules and that usually includes SPYING and collecting the data of the companies, from within their own legal system.

Often, corporations have Chinese workers in western companies and organizations collecting personal data, while following China’s law. Most westerners are ignorant of Chinese laws. I have read this law— basically, it is just a way to SPY on you. If you don’t obey the CCP or they just don’t like you anymore, they may threaten to kill your family to force you to obey them. So, it really becomes “political kidnapping”.

CCP’s secret plans to control the world by supporting terrorists.

Reporters and investigators have discovered that the CCP supports all terrorist acts. The Regime offers weapons freely and requests terrorists to obey their orders to bomb or create chaos in certain regions. There is one article published by Sound Of Hope Media—where one reporter interviews an engineer from China’s military department, and discovers that China had secretly signed a contract with terrorists in Afghanistan.

A terrorist attack in Paris had weapons supplied by the CCP. The guns ISIS use are AK-47’s, which are usually inscribed with simplified Chinese characters. (Almost everything is made in China since the US allowed China to join WTO.)

When China exports weapons to other countries, it changes the inscriptions using the other country’s alphabet so it won’t show up as being Chinese, so as to hide evidence of supplying and enabling, should crimes be committed.

CCP controls the world’s culture

Confucius Institutes are SPY centers. They should be shut down. If the Minister of Culture closes Confucius institutes, it would stop the CCP’s manipulation of traditional culture, which it vehemently opposes. Those involved in cultural manipulation are feeding a toxic ideology to people.

Countries must quit cooperating with the CCP to save themselves from the virus and other disasters.

There is saying in Chinese medicine, “One righteous thought can eliminate a hundred evils. Righteous chi eliminates evil chi for the healing” One must heal the mind and heart first to rise up the good chi, the stronger energy so that it would beable to push and open up all the energy channels in the body and unblock ill chi, which is the root cause of all disease. This is a sure method for strengthening the body’s immune system. Chinese medicine also says, you are your own the best doctor, heal your mind, and your body will correspondent, as your mind controls the body, not the other way around.

Once a country’s government stops supporting the CCP, the CCP virus won’t be able to take root. History has revealed that when people begin to differentiate between good (love, kindness tolerance, respect) and bad (cruelty, murder, jealousy, and oppression.) By following the good, any virus would no longer beable to take root in the body. It would spread no further and those infected would recover.

However, the mutation of the CCP virus acts faster than any vaccine or medicine. Any vaccine or medicine or organ transplant won’t truly heal nor work. The illness is bound to return as long the CCP keeps lying and hiding the truth from its own people and the world.

CCP often requests gratitude—always announcing that one day everyone will beg for help from the CCP. Why such arrogance? After all, it’s more than likely that the CCP created the Coronavirus. If the virus was created by CCP, they could have the vaccine and countries will have to ask them for it—that could be why CCP has been saying that all countries will beg them in the future for the vaccine. In fact, in February someone had already discovered a vaccine but it was found to be ineffective. The virus update to control and reduce it’s spread is much more effective and quicker than a searching for a vaccine right now. Have the plans of “world domination” actually backfired on the CCP? In a new wave of recent developments, Beijing’s leading doctor warns of a NEW coronavirus outbreak in China. Professor Li Lanjuan, a member of Beijing’s expert team on the virus, said she was ‘very worried that imported cases could trigger another large-scale epidemic in our country’.

The CCP have declared several times they discovered a vaccine. Why doesn’t it work? The CCP is “playing God” by healing one person through killing another, ie. organ transplanting and blood transfusions. This vaccine won’t work because the virus not only attacks the lungs also spreads to the brain.

Only when an infected person changes his or her mind and follows the order of the universe, or, refuses to support the murderous regime would there be mercy. Otherwise, the virus will attack or stay inside the body and the illness will return later. The second stronger virus outbreak, that professor Li Lanjuan mentioned, is still coming. Since the CCP vaccine is toxic and ineffective to eliminate the second virus, and if one were vaccinated with CCP vaccine the person is most likely to die very quickly.

This vaccine was create by the military in February and not from a legitimate medical or science department; its called the Recombinant Coronavirus Vaccine, which means they had another one made before this one. If this coronavirus was not created by CCP, they wouldn’t have already had a vaccine! Some call it the CCP corona virus, because the CCP’s military branch created it.

Wang Qishan underwent an organ transplant, but he still needs urine bags.


Some Communist Party members change organ several times by obtaining it through forced and live organ harvesting from others. Why do they need to change so many times? It means it doesn’t work! Some change organs several times and think that this will help them prolong their lives but some people who can see the truth see that their souls already are in hell and only an empty shell is left, and they are possessed by bad spirits.

Whether you believe or not, understanding basic morality and decency is not hard. There is much vagueness about the inhumane organ harvesting in China. It ignores the suffering and persecution of Falun Gong people, Christians, Tibetans, Uighurs, and HK citizens.

Many people believe that those who have caused others harm will be punished and their lives will be taken from them through different kinds of disasters and tragedies in the near future for the huge karmic debts they have accrued. All sentient beings are, in fact, facing final judgment.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, there are many prophecies in the history that talk about this virus that’s happening today. It’s the purification period of the universe. It’s like a metabolism. People who respect the Creator and align with nature and the universe’s true law adhering to its principles won’t be affected by this virus. Satanists and evildoers will pay for the harm they are causing God’s creatures and beings.

The true spiritual cultivators warn those who support the CCP will become infected with the CCP virus. Here is one prophecy that has spoken of this virus from according to a Rabbi.

It doesn’t imply that those infected are bad people—I just explained a Univeral law. In fact, many good people are being cheated and deceived by the CCP ideology as the CCP is really a master of lies. Many Chinese and others are very good people. Unfortunately, the Chinese have been brainwashed to join the Chinese Communist Party from childhood. They should quit this evil party to be saved from disease at this critical time. The Communist goal is to destroy all human beings for Satan since the possessing power behind them is Satan. This is against the Universal Law of the Creator. So, they won’t be able to exist at all in the near future. All beings from the East to the West have a chance to be saved by their actions to refuse the CCP and its ideology.

Some people have never been to China, yet they still get infected. There is a list reported—as many as 80% of people who die are Communist Party members and those who support the dictator of China.

The Chinese Communist Party was I fact, created by the Illuminati (A secret sect who openly declares their belief in Satan, (the antichrist, and adversary of mankind). Karl Marx got the order and return from Illuminati. It uses the power of language through beautiful words to repackage their Satanist ideas. (The One World Government, the so-called “New World Order” or Super Dictatorship transformed it into Communist ideology. It is, in reality, just a big lie. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) belongs to the Satanists. The CCP killed more than 80,000,000 people in a peaceful time (more deaths than two world wars). The godless regime persecutes spiritual followers and kills innocent people. They introduced the brutal organ harvesting upon Falun Gong followers and prisoners of conscience; therefore, the spirit of the Almighty God has decided to not allow it to exist in the future because the power behind the CCP is Satan (the anti-Christ and enemy of mankind.)

Satanists and Communists share a common symbol.

People are calling it the CCP virus, as it only affects the pro-CCP persons or those that support its ideology. The countries that are infected the most are the counties that are pro-CCP such as Iran (another dictator— they love each other—lol) and North and South Korea. North Korea directly kills infected ones and hides the number of deaths. South Korea refused to host Shen Yun (Divine Performing Arts) to curry favor from the CCP. Furthermore, in Europe, Italy signed the contract with the CCP in allegiance to the Belt and Road project, so they are deeply involved with the regime.

Taiwan and the Hong Kong people are against the CCP. They don’t have many cases. Although Hong Kong is near China, it has not closed its borders with China. The few infected there are mostly policemen, businessmen, or foreigners to HK who are pro-CCP.

An official bill of the death figures
The red characters are Communist Party members

If people want to be saved, they must cut ties with the Chinese Communist Party immediately.

How to protect oneself from the CCP virus

Besides quitting the CCP, Chinese medicine doctors realize that Qigong Cultivation exercises or spiritual exercises are the best way to heal and protect one’s health. The recommendation is for people to practice Qigong. They know only Qigong meditation can heal the roots of illness. No medicine or vaccines can do this. Even though medicine can cure, it’s in fact, only postponing one’s illness as (bad) karma is still there.

There is good news for all human beings. From Minghui media news, two doctors in Wuhan who became infected, completely recovered by practicing Falun Gong.

Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, was founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi and is one of the best healing cultivation and spiritual paths in the world today. During the first public lectures given by Mr. Li 97% of people reported being healthier through the practice according to research by the Sports Department of China.

Falun Gong free to learn and is practised in almost every country in the world today.

We look forward to everyone choosing good over evil, thereby doing the right thing. Save yourself and your loved ones by disengaging and refusing to be involved in any way with the CCP. Its the right thing to do. We can be part of creating a world for our descendants to forever enjoy in a free, fair and blessed society.

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