Ben Chasteen: Gains Information From Wuhan Region That China Is Downplaying and Covering Up The Casualties and Consequences Of The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From FACEBOOK, Ben Chasteen relays info about Wuhan, China and the Coronavirus through a post:

Coronavirus update: Yesterday, I found out a lot of new information on the coronavirus which came directly out of Wuhan to someone I personally know. I can’t go into anymore details that that.  I felt this info needed to get out now but we will still cover it on our Edge of Wonder show.  

Here is the info that was relayed to me:

1. Of the people who passed away in Wuhan, about 60% of the people passed away at home which aren’t being counted in the official tally.  

2.No place to put the bodies of the dead, people are leaving corpses outside their homes but they aren’t being collected.  A lot of dead bodies are in the street. 

3. Feels like Hell on Earth, No food available. The Chinese people there have the same feeling as culture revolution.  People are losing hope going to extremes. People locked in their own homes left to die.

4. The Chinese Communist Party has been under reporting all of it and downplaying. If they keep it up till March the economy will be destroyed.

5. Most of the internet is shutdown.  They can’t go on any sites and not able to get any videos or info out.  Some neighborhoods do have some access.  People need to travel in secret.


OK Have to warn everyone, this is where it gets really hard to read and some of the worse things you will ever hear…..

6. They opened 20 new crematoriums in Wuhan and need more staff to manage them. A requirement to work there: Must not be afraid of Ghosts and Demons. 


They are telling people it is because the bodies will sometimes move or seem to give off a “scream” which they say is air escaping from the bodies.

What they are doing is now burning people alive who have the virus in Wuhan. So people are screaming when they get tossed in. 

We were told that now the CCP just wants to clean up Wuhan and just burn anyone who has the virus.  Some of the people in the videos you see being arrested are being taken to these crematoriums. 

The Eco System in Wuhan is completely ruined, many residents believe the CCP has wrote off Wuhan as a loss and would rather destroy it then help it. All high level officials in Wuhan left before the outbreak was announced.  Low level officials, are now getting the virus.

This is a 100% engineered bio-weapon. Seems to be designed to target Asian gene and specifically Chinese people.

Hubei Province was where Tai Chi was founded, (Wuhan is the capital of Hubei).  During the cultural revolution, the CCP destroyed all temples, monasteries, and statues.  

Also the live Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, underground Christians, and other minority groups was born out of Wuhan. 

There are some good news. There are some people (can’t get into specifics) who found secret ways to travel around Wuhan and provide food, water, and outside information to other areas in Wuhan. People are helping each other as much as they can because they know they only have each other to depend on. 

So much info it coming out everyday and I am getting updates from Chinese people I know all the time.  We will keep everyone updated as much as we can.  We are publishing our Edge of Wonder YT videos next week which will have more info in it along.

Many prayers are needed, probably will hold a mass meditation soon.  Will keep everyone updated on the progress of When and where.  Thank you all and please pray for this to end soon!


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