Former Surgeon, Now Uber Driver In London, Recalls Helping In the Organ Harvesting Of Chinese Dissidents

Dr Enver Tothi once traveled to the countryside in Urumqi, located in northwest China, to remove organs of dying Falun Gong practitioner murdered by Chinese authorities. Instead of practicing medicine, he presently takes Londoners across the capital as a Uber cab driver. His life now is very much different from the medical practice he once did as a living in China.

On a summer day in the year of 1995, Enver Tothi was ordered to make arrangements, organizing a surgical team to fulfill a special assignment. He took an ambulance and went out of his hometown, Urumqi, and landed in the countryside of northwest China, where his boss was waiting. Following instructions, he waited beside a hill until he heard a gunshot; then he and his team went over the hill to continue their mission. 

What they saw was sickening and horrifying. 10-20 men still in prisoners’ uniforms were twitching on the ground with part of their heads blown off while the police stood over them. Working quickly, he was forced to cut the livers and kidneys of one of the murdered prisoners. Recalling that, he told MirrorOnline, “I became a robot.”

He also continued explaining, “You carry out what you are programmed to do. When I cut through there was bleeding, which means the heart was still beating. I understood why. This man was shot right to the chest. They knocked him out cold but did not let him die immediately so I had time to remove the organs. It was an easy and quick operation which took ten to fifteen minutes. Even less because it’s a destructive operation. The chief surgeon put the organs in a box and said, ‘now you take your team back to hospital, and today nothing happened’.”

During this time he was ordered by the Chinese authorities to perform that surgery, the Chinese Communistic Party was concerned that Falun Gong was a serious threat to their rule. The man was unknown to the former surgeon and his identity remains a secret. But it is almost certain that he was part of a group, which was and still is oppressed, persecuted, and killed by the CCP because of its formidable numbers of practitioners of 70 million members forced to go underground or overseas.

It’s believed that at least tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who were prisoners of conscience were killed for their organs, which was sold to the black market. Going forward to the present, the Chinese government has turned its attention to the Uighur Muslims. Dr Tothi gave a testimonial to the China Tribunal and told them how his experience related to China’s system of handling political dissidents, who became victims of a brutal and inhumane regime. He further continued, “After the cultural revolution, we believed every single citizen’s duty is against enemies of the state. Once someone has been sentenced to imprisonment, they are not qualified as a human being. That was how we felt at the time. And in day to day life if you show any sign of dissatisfaction to the system you were subject to public humiliation.”

In the current situation, about 1 million Uighurs have been locked up without a fear trial and put into detention labor camps in the Xinjiang region. The public may not have knowledge of this inhumane treatment of the Uighurs since there has been propaganda and misinformation not clarifying their imprisonment.

A recent report has been published by BMC Medical Ethics; the official organ donor data gathered by both the China Organ Transplant Response System and Red Cross Society of China misconstrues actual facts. The eight years of information based on a mathematical formula suggests crazy, bogus figures published to cover up illegal voluntary donations prodded by large cash payments with conclusions of having non-voluntary donors as well.

After helping with the documentary of how people in Shinju had abnormal cancer rates in 1998, he was forced to leave China. He went to Turkey until he heard that he was going to be extradited to China; then he took off to the UK. For eight years, he tried to pass the exam to be a doctor in the UK, but failing each time. He gave up and became a cab driver.

When he’s not working, he speaks up about the Muslim Uighurs who he believes are being eliminated so as not to interfere with China’s mission of global conquest through its Belt and Road Initiative. He hopes that the news reaches the West and they could pressure China from continuing their inhumane treatment of the Uighurs. He has said, “I think what the world should do is cut off ties with the Chinese medical industry. We should refuse to teach Chinese students medicine. Refuse to publish surgeon’s articles in the West. Refuse to go to medical association events. Those doctors are doing it. They know what they’re doing. It is not the majority of surgeons, but they know what they’re doing.”


Image: (Philip Coburn)

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