Chinese Scientists Use Live Pigs As Crash Test Dummies

The live pigs used in crash test simulations in China either died or were badly injured and most likely traumatized. Photos were discovered and shown how they were used in experiments as crash test dummies.

A case study noted that in one particular experiment, 15 young, live pigs were put into car seats of a car and used as dummies for high speed simulations; many of the animals had only been alive for 70-80 days. The tests were to examine the impact of car incidents involving the factor of using different seatbelts; as mentioned, half of them died and the others were seriously injured.

According to the researchers, it was needed to use young pigs because their bodies resembled that to human children; they wanted to know more about what would happen to a living creature’s organs in car crashes. The scientists who are involved with these experiments stated that they were following US guidelines and the experiments were approved by an ethics committee. However, US has banned pigs and other animals in these types of experiments since the 1990’s. 

Zachary Toliver, who works for PETA, said: “Despite the existence of sophisticated animal-free models, experimenters continue to fasten abused, frightened animals into car seats and crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled. Live pigs are pulverized in these tests, leaving them with broken bones and severe internal injuries before they’re killed and dissected. Pigs don’t naturally sit up in car seats. Their anatomy is also very different from that of humans, so the data obtained from these horrific animal experiments aren’t applicable to human-crash victims. Car companies figured out years ago that these kind of experiments are worthless and tell us nothing about a human experience in a car crash.”

And from Truth Theory, there was also another discovery of animals being abused in other experiments. It had disturbing footage leaked from a German pharma laboratory showing monkeys and other animals being harmed and violated. The facility has been investigated and there are charges of animal cruelty.



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