The Falun Gong Report 2003 –

The Falun Gong Report 2003
– Chinese Government’s State Terrorism Against Woman and Children  

Practitioners in China have faced great risks to get information out to those who can help. The 2003 Falun Gong Report is a tribute to that risk. We have gathered together cases that detail abuses against women and children, whom society should cherish and protect. The violations are beyond most people’s imagination. In some instances we have included graphic pictures of the maimed bodies of the women who have been subjected to these atrocities. 

This book also includes a section on the types of torture methods used. Although the list is not comprehensive, it gives the reader an idea of what the violators’ minds can conceive. It is not just that the human mind can conceive of these techniques that shocks most people, but that they are in common use. 

We have categorized the cases by type of abuse. Women have been deliberately murdered, or accidentally killed when the torture went too far. They have been violated sexually, sometimes in public, subjected to psychological torment, injected with drugs designed to damage or destroy the nervous system, and forced to abort their babies. Their husbands have been forced to divorce them; they have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and lost their families, all because they refuse to renounce their belief in Falun Gong. 

Introduction (PDF – 3.0M)
Chapter 1: Murder and Execution (PDF – 3.4M)
Chapter 2: Sexual Violations (PDF – 0.6M)
Chapter 3: Torture (PDF – 6.6M)
Chapter 4: Psychiatric Torment (PDF – 1.3M)
Chapter 5: Violence Against Pregnant and Nursing Mothers (PDF – 0.1M)
Chapter 6: Persecution Against Children (PDF – 2.3M)
Chapter 7: Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence (PDF – 0.3M)
Chapter 8: Torture Methods (PDF – 1.0M)
Complete Version (PDF – 18.9M)

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