The Falun Gong Report 2002

The Falun Gong Report 2002
– An Appeal to All Good People of the World  

This report is our first compilation of cases detailing the abuse of Falun Gong practitioners. It serves as an introduction to the types of torture and the wide variety of human rights violations existing in the People’s Republic of China.

If the mind can conceive of it, Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to it. Practitioners have been shocked with electric batons, burned, raped, gang-raped, forced to do slave labor, chained to torture devices that pull their limbs from their sockets, forced to leave home, expelled from school, had their personal property confiscated; the list goes on and on. 

Also included is a brief description of the slave labor industry in China. Companies contracting for work do not even know that the job is subcontracted to one of many slave labor camps. Of course the conditions are worse than the unthinkable. 

Introduction (PDF – 622K)
Chapter 1: Murder and Execution (PDF – 1.81M)
Chapter 2: Torture (PDF – 1.74M)
Chapter 3: Violence Against Women (PDF – 715K)
Chapter 4: Psychiatric Torture (PDF – 510K)
Chapter 5: Enslavement (PDF – 509K)
Chapter 6: Persecution of Families (PDF – 675K)
Chapter 7: Deprivation of the Right to Education (PDF – 469K)
Chapter 8: Violence Against Foreign Citizens (PDF – 493K)
Complete Version (PDF – 7.90M)

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