China Tribunal Confirms Live Organ Harvesting on Prisoners Continues Still

The China Tribunal  headed by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, gave its closing verdict on June 17, (an independent Tribunal) that “forced organ harvesting was committed and has been for years throughout China on a significant scale, [and] the tribunal has had no evidence that the significant infrastructure associated with China’s transplantation industry has been dismantled and absent of a satisfactory explanation as to the source of readily available organs concludes that forced organ harvesting continues till today.”

Photo/ Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting(DAFO)

It was proved by the Tribunal beyond a shadow of a doubt that many Chinese prisoners, Falun Gong practitioners, and Uighur Muslims have died during forced organ extractions.

The Tribunal concentrated on estimations of the number of operations taking place. Official statistics showed less than the actual figure of organ harvests

The Tribunal also focused on the unexplained short waiting times needed to obtain fresh organs but, most importantly, it was the first-hand testimony from former detainees that helped put the final nail in the coffin.

Photo/Doctors against forced organ Harvesting (DAFO)

Some of the organ extractions were conducted on live victims who died during procedures.

The Tribunal concluded that” Separate reports have suggested the market for such organs in China to be worth billions of dollars.”

The Tribunal’s chair Sir Geoffrey Nice, who made his name by prosecuting Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, said that “there is no evidence of the practice [of prisoner organ harvesting] having been stopped and the tribunal is satisfied that it is continuing.”

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