Distressed Screams From Trains Bound For Mainland China Heard by Witnesses


November 27, 2019. It’s been more than 5 months since Hong Kong protesters were transported back to mainland China. Disturbingly, a large number of young people continue to disappear. A video posted online recently showed that a group of young demonstrators detained by the Hong Kong police on an MTR train. These young men and women’s hands were tied behind their backs.

What’s worrying is that these young people could have been escorted to concentration camps on the mainland. The British ” Sun ” reported on the 26th that this video taken on the 18th showed that the young demonstrators were sent to board two trains by the police. When they boarded the train, they were still handcuffed. The windows were covered by black cloth. According to netizens, the demonstrators were arrested students of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Witnesses on site questioned why screams kept coming from the train. (Web picture)

Another Twitter video showed that after the Hong Kong police arrested the students at the Polytechnic University on November 18, they were transported by rail to Mong Kok Station. A policeman dressed in black detained a student. Xinjiang prisoner’s heads were covered. The Hong Kong policemen were dressed in black.

In fact, 20 trains from China to Hong Kong and vice versa were suspended from the 19th to the 20th of November. In those two days, a large number of arrested Hong Kong people were transported to mainland China.

Zheng Wenjie, a former British Consulate General employee who was arrested while traveling to Shenzhen on business, also disclosed after his recent release that he had been tortured during detention. He witnessed a group of Hong Kong people being interrogated by mainland police. He made it clear to the National Security Officers that a number of protesters in Hong Kong were arrested and sent to the mainland for detention. (Detailed report: British ex-employee in Hong Kong is shocked: was tortured and forced to plead guilty) 

Due to the confidential nature of mainland interrogation, the outside world could not independently prove the relevant allegations of Zheng Wenjie, but the relevant information provided a possible explanation for the phenomenon of a large number of protesters missing, and unexplained suicides, one who “jumped off a building”, and a “floating corpse.”

Stemming from the social movement that broke out on June 9, the movement did not have unified leadership and organization. Demonstrators protested against the Hong Kong Government and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with a series of acts such as marches, rallies, sit-ins, setting up the Lennon Wall, and “three strikes.” The protest was opposed to the draft amendment under the rule of the Communist Party of China that any Hong Kong person may be extradited to the mainland for trial for ” whatever reasons”.

However, te unexpected backlash by the CCP after the outbreak of the protests, the suicides, sexual assaults, continued to be reported. 

A report leaked by some Hong Kong officers in the Hong Kong government shows that from June to September, the Hong Kong government received a total of 2537 reports of deaths, including a number of deaths before being sent to the hospital, after being admitted. The number of newly reported “suicides” in the past three months is 256.

Hong Kong

On November 17, Hong Kong police confronted “repatriation” supporters at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (Image source: see China / Daweiwei)

As of November 19, police arrested a total of 5804 people, aged between 11 and 83. This movement is the largest since Hong Kong’s transfer of sovereignty to the mainland in 1997. During this period, some police officers blatantly shouted “Let the June 4th repeat”. 

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