Police Misconduct

Because there are video proofs for most of these cases, the amount of data transfer is large. Therefore, we also provide an alternative view mode, It available in ChineseEnglish, and Japanese.

Currently, there are over 590 cases in Chinese and 160 cases in English of police misconduct classified into 14 categories, including:

Misconduct of off-duty officers, collusion and deliberate ignorance towards Triads, perverting the course of justice, sexual violence, “Threat, intimidation and verbal abuse”, refusing to produce warrant cards, planting evidence on arrestees, attacking journalists and interfering with freedom of the press, attacking first-aiders and delaying medical treatment of arrestees, physical assault, abuse of police authority, collusion with Communist power, and improper use of weapons.

We will continue to record all police misconduct until the day comes when justice prevails.

All (587)

Physical Violence Abuse(74)

Collusion with Gangs and Habouring Crimes(25)

Colluding with Chinese Government(10)

Refusal on Presenting Warrant Card(13)

Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press(44)

Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical Treatments(13)

Verbal Abuse(62)

Abuse of Power(93)

Mis-conduct During Off-duty Time(2)

Weapon Abuse(137)

Sexual Abuse(15)

Perverting the Course of Justice(21)

Protectors Wronged by Police(3)

Starred Case(58)

Deprivation of human rights of the arrestees(17)

Man Visits Wreckage of His Newspaper Stall Incinerated by Tear Gas; Recalls Being Blocked by Police


#22456Jordan Road

A newspaper stall in Jordan was set on fire after being hit by tear gas rounds, confirmed by the stall’s owner upon finding the projectile in the wreckage. The owner attempted to put out the fire but was pulled away by riot…Weapon Abuse

Raptor Squad Officer Kicks Slams Arrestee Against Wall


#22454Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei

Multiple protestors were arrested at the junction between Nathan Road and Waterloo Road. One of the arrestee was slammed against a wall while another raptor squad officer kicked him multiple times….Physical Violence AbuseStarred Case

Back Alley Lynching Arrestees Kicked, Caned, then Dragged Away by Special Tactical Squad


#22457Yau Ma Tei

Three Special Tactical Squad officers in Yau Ma Tei were seen kicking and beating arrestees with batons before dragging them away….Physical Violence AbuseStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Arrestees Lynched by Special Tactical Squad (Jordan)


#22458Nathan Road, Jordan

Special Tactical Squad (STS) flash arrested protestors at the junction of Nathan Raod and Gascoigne Road, taking down at least five. Among them, one who did not resist the arrest was however repeatedly beaten in head by STS. That STS…Physical Violence AbuseStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Raptor Squad Shoots at Close Range and Assaults Arrestees with Batons


#22451Gascoigne Road, Jordan

Raptor squad chased after protestors on Gascoigne Road and fired at two at close range before subduing. But even after that, the police continued to assault the subdued protestors with batons, deliberately targeting their heads….Physical Violence AbuseStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

PLA Soldier Threatens Protestors Outside of Barracks With Loaded Gun


#20534People’s Liberation Army Osborn Barracks, Kowloon Tong

Near Hong Kong Baptist University, PLA soldiers inside Osborn Barracks threatened protestors gathering in Junction Road with gun. It can be clearly heard in the footage below that the soldier loaded his gun….Colluding with Chinese Government

15 Year Old Suffers Cranial Fracture After Being Bombarded by Tear Gas Round, Now Unconscious and Condition Critical


#20514Kingswood Richly Plaza

In Tin Shui Wai, a large crowd of civilians gathered near a police station, and some threw petroleum bombs at the police station. Police fired tear gas rounds in response at the Kingswood Richly Plaza, one of which were suspected to…Weapon Abuse

Teargas Bullet Broken A Resident’s Window At Lucky Plaza And Exploded Inside The House


#205515th Floor Chuk Lam Court, Lucky Plaza Sha Tin.

A teargas bullet has been shot through a window and exploded in a property at 5th Floor Chuk Lam Court, Lucky Plaza Sha Tin….Weapon Abuse

Poice Used Shotgun Aiming At Jornalist Again


#20549Mong Kok

Approximately 9pm, 13rd of November 2019,  A Police Officer is holding a shotgun aiming at a journalist. hkpusu_presscom…Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press

Female Social Workers Arrested by Police outside TaiPo Shopping Mall


#20548Outside YATA, Tai Po Mega Mall

7:45pm,13rd November, 2019 – Numerous amount of female social workers have been arrested by Police outside the entrance of YATA near TaiWo Road.  Two of the Social Workers were wearing white tops, the reason to arrest is…Abuse of Power

Outrageous Police Special Task Force Jump On To Pedestrian


#20618Queen’s Road Central

A police officer jump on to a pedestrian right after he rushed out of the car near Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street.  The pedestrian was arrested without resistant.  Other police officers keep telling journalists to step…Physical Violence AbuseStarred Case

The Stand News reporter diagnosed with chloracne, sign of over-accumulation of carcinogenic dioxin



13 November , 2019 – CHAN Yu Hong, a reporter for The Stand News, stated on his personal Facebook page that he was diagnosed with chloracne. Chloracne is believed to be the only certified sign of high-level accumulation of dioxin…Weapon Abuse

Hong Kong Police fired tear gas to disperse cars collecting supplies


#21286Tai Shui Hang, Ma On Shan

The Hong Kong Police fired tear gas near the Bicycle Park at Tai Shui Hang, Ma On Shan to disperse the helpers and the cars collecting supplies to be delivered to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, arresting at least two people….Abuse of PowerWeapon Abuse

Teargas shrouded Kwun Tong railway station during rush hours


#21617Kwun Tong MTR Station

Police shot teargas during the morning rush hours in Kwun Tong, one of the most populated district in East Kowloon, in 13 November 2019. A canister landed on the railway of Kwun Tong Station, shrouding the platform which was filled…Weapon Abuse

Marine Police Send Vessels to Evacuate Students with Mainland China Identity Card


#21557Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier

A group of parents and students gathered outside of CUHK at Ma Liu Shui Pier at 10 this morning. All of the parents are Putonghua speakers. Students were witnessed to start gatherhing at 9:30 am to be evacuated by marine vessels. The…Abuse of PowerColluding with Chinese Government

Secondary School Students Checked and Yelled at in MTR Stations


#20511Yau Tong MTR Station, North Point MTR Station

13 November,2019 8am, multiple secondary school students and youths were ordered to line up in a row to be checked by police officers in Yau Tong, Tiu Keng Leng and North Point MTR stations. Some police officers shouted and yelled at…Abuse of PowerVerbal Abuse

Nanny van got surrounded and roared “no school!” by riot police


#21533Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O

The ongoing social unrest escalated in the third week of November 2019, that city’s main roads were shattered with roadblocks and stormed by riot police. Authorities refused to suspended classes yet deployed cops with teargas and…Abuse of PowerVerbal Abuse

Over a hundred tear gas canisters fired at Kwai Chung Estate



On the 12th November, 11 p.m., numerous members of the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) again entered the Kwai Chung Estate, arresting two people. Residents demanded them to leave the estate was responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. A…Abuse of PowerWeapon Abuse

Five tear gas canisters shot into apartments five storeys high


#21287Yuen Long Main Road

Police officers fired multiple tear gas canisters in Yuen Long last night during crowd dispersion. A resident living on the fifth floor in a building located on the main street had canisters shot into his home. Photos of the gas-filled…Weapon Abuse

Barbarous cops attacked another Uni campus, roaring senselessly at student protesters


#20550Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong 

Failing to inspect any illegal possession in City University of Hong Kong (colloquially “CityU”), riot police fired tear gas near the campus in Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong in 12 November. There were cops smearing the…Verbal Abuse

Cops again raided private estate and cruelly dragged a female resident by pulling her hair


#21622Aberdeen Centre

Regardless to the voices to end police brutality, riot police randomly raided another private estate in Aberdeen and arrested a sibling. Footage shows that the elder sister was brutally dragged away by having her hair pulled by the…Abuse of PowerPhysical Violence Abuse

Special Tactical Squad Smashed Window to Arrest CU-Bound Driver


#21873Hong Kong Science Park

On 12 Nov,HK Police forcibly entered Chinese University of Hong Kong. On video, a private car was parked perpendicular to an armoured car. Several Special Tactical Squad officers smashed the window glass with baton to drag the driver…Abuse of PowerPhysical Violence AbuseWeapon Abuse

Chinese People´s Armed Police Force Intermingled in HK Police China Public Security Baton Found Outside CU Campus


#21872Main Entrance of Chinese University of Hong Kong

China Public Security-issued baton was found at the Main Entrance of Chinese University of Hong Kong…Colluding with Chinese Government

Water cannon launched at crowd after police claimed to withdraw



Reneging on the agreement with the university of evacuating the student protesters to solve the tense standoff, HK police launched water cannon which contains dye and tear spray to the crowd five minutes after delivering the news at…Abuse of PowerWeapon Abuse

Riot police pointed guns at Kowloon Tong luxury residential estate and provoked residents with fight request


#20989Kowloon Tong Cornwall Street

During an operation to disperse protestors in Kowloon Tong, the riot police provoked the residents nearby with foul language and fight request when residents blamed the police’s behaviour. The riot police even pointed their gun…Verbal AbuseWeapon Abuse


#21820Citywalk Tsuen Wan

9pm, 12th of November 2019, Police fired tear gas in Tsuen Wan, one of the tear gas landed into the courtyard of Citywalk….Weapon Abuse

Police displayed orange warning flag during negotiation. Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor tear gassed. Crazy police fired 2356 tear gas and bullets turning Chinese University of Hong Kong into a battlefield at night


#21063Chinese University of Hong Kong

In the evening of 2 November 2019, the Vice-Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong Rocky Tuan was tear gassed when trying to negotiate with the police to rescue his students at police station , he was then escorted away. Riot…Abuse of PowerAttack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of PressStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Two Plainclothes Policemen Pointed Guns at Passersby (Shatin)


#22045Shatin Rural Committee Road

Police threatening citizens with loaded guns became normality. Protestors blocked roads in several districts today. At about 5p.m., police officers in private vehicle drove by the junction of Sha Tin Rural Committee Road and Yuen Wo…Weapon Abuse

Raided shopping mall platform and raised black flag


#21877Lucky Plaza, Shatin

Online footage shows that a large group of riot police stationed in Sha Tin Rural Committee Road. Black flag was raised on the Lucky Plaza platform by the police, giving warning to the deployment of teargas….Abuse of PowerVerbal Abuse

Man bloodstained by canister as police shot teargas from top


#21880Pedder Street, Central

Before leaving by police vehicles in Pedder Street, the recoiled police raised black warning flag as enraged citizens hurled debris towards them. Cops fired teargas from footbridge to the ground to disperse the crowd. Among the many…Weapon Abuse

Riot Police lie about retreat 5 minutes before wildly firing shots at CUHK campus (afternoon)


#22886The Chinese University of Hong Kong

On Campus Circuit East, No. 2 Bridge, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Ms. Lavender Cheung, the director of the CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office said, after a discussion with the police, that the riot police…Abuse of PowerStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Bleeding white-collar beaten up and tied by cops left in the scene without wound treatments


#21534Footbridge in Connaught Road, Central

Cops stormed footbridge by the Exchange Square, Central, arrested a male and a female. Surrounding citizens expressed anger to the police’s raid. Officers brandished their batons and hit a white-collar to bleeding wounds on his…Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical TreatmentsPhysical Violence Abuse

Hong Kong Police pepper sprayed an unarmed office lady at her face


#20976Hunghom District Commander Chung Nga LunHunghom Station bridge

Riot random checked 3 youngsters at the footbridge connecting the Polytechnic University and Hunghom Station. Riot police pepper sprayed a woman all of a sudden during a quarrel. The woman was hand-cuffed by police after first aid…Weapon Abuse

Charge Amended Against The Man With Mandarin Accent Who Attacked The President Of Student Union Of PolyU


#21821Ruizhao Lu The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

‘Human Chain at PolyU’ activity was hosted by the student union on the 5th of September, the president of the student union Ken Woo was attacked by a student with a non-local Cantonese during the activity and the right…Colluding with Chinese GovernmentPerverting the Course of Justice

Police Shot Tear Gas at CityU Student Residence


#21486City University of Hong Kong

At 7:00 am, tens of riot police were stationed at the junction of Cornwall Street and Tat Chee Avenue. Police fired multiple shots of tear gas to the City University of Hong Kong Student Residence. School buses of the following schools…Abuse of PowerStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Uni resident arrested by possession of dish detergent and cooking oil


#20629Fire Services Department Wong Tai Sin Rank And File Married Quarters

Netizens echoed with the “Daybreak Operation” in 11 November by “three suspensions”, namely stop work, stop classes and stop the markets, and blocking traffic roads in local districts. Police officers fired…Abuse of Power

Police shot tear gas without notice Tear gas exploded on reporter’s head


#20758Nathan Road, Mong Kok

A man was beat up in Mong Kok. Police arrived the scene after 5 minutes. As the police got off, he threw a tear gas bomb without notice and it exploded on a reporter’s head. Smokes were everywhere like a “tear gas buffet”….Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of PressWeapon Abuse

Threatening Mong Kok residents with guns


#20769Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

Police threatened residents in residential building with guns during action in Mong Kok….Verbal AbuseWeapon Abuse

Security were threatened to criminal charges while police storming residential building


#22055Tuen Mun

Riot police stormed a residential building in Tuen Mun, crudely shouted at the security who was warned by obstructing police in the execution of their lawful duties at the night of 11 November 2019. The security, who remained…Verbal Abuse

Riot cops pepper-sprayed civilians who were buying food in a wet market


#21776Beverly Garden

Groups of protesters blocked traffic by building barricades at the junction of Tong Chun Street and Tong Ming Street in the morning on 11 Nov 2019. While around 50 PTU (Police Tactical Unit) officers charged towards them outside Tseung…Abuse of PowerWeapon Abuse

Riot Police (PTU) beat up girl with baton at Kwun Tong


#20757Yue Man Square Footbridge, Kwun Tong

Protesters did a flash mob by blocking traffic roads in Kwun Tong. Police Tactical Unit official rushed onto Kwun Tong Yue Man Square footbridge and brandished batons to beat up a girl who showed no resistance. The girl kept screaming….Physical Violence AbuseStarred CaseWeapon Abuse

Planting hammer as false evidence against an arrested young citizen. Injured citizen was not sent to hospital


#21621Sai Wan Ho Holy Cross Church

On Monday (11 November), conflict between police and citizens continued since a police officer fired 3 live bullets against protesters. Police entered Holy Cross Church in Sai Wan Ho and arrested 5 people.The Church released CCTV…Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical TreatmentsDeprivation of human rights of the arresteesPerverting the Course of Justice

Foreigner hit by tear gas, head injured and bled



In Central, a foreign man in suit got hit by tear gas during lunch break, head injured and bled….Weapon Abuse

Police shot tear gas near primary school during lesson


#20756Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O

On the afternoon of 11th November 2019, pictures online showed that the police shot tear gas near Chi Lin Buddhist Primary School when there were no protesters nearby. The school had to evacuate the students immediately. Facebook Wan…Weapon Abuse

Cops shouted at crowds: “Thank you for coming out to let us shoot!”


#21824Wong Tai Sin Railway Station

Following an earlier incident of a cop shooting three live rounds in Sai Wan Ho which put a protester in critical condition, some officers shouted at crowds expressing their cold-hearted thoughts during an operation in Wong Tai Sin:…Verbal Abuse

Cop motorcyclist recklessly rammed into crowd of protesters


#20552Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong

In the morning of 11 November, a police motorcyclist intentionally drove into a crowd of black-clad protesters back and forth for times in Kwai Fong. At least one of the citizens was rammed down among the leaving crowd. Facebook…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Protesters injured by live rounds. Police representative claims the involved police officer who moved the wounded was unaware of the injury


#21623The Senior Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch KONG Wing Cheung

The incident of traffic cop shooting protester with live round in Sai Wan Ho, police representative explains that the police officer involved in the incident was reinforcement and just arrived the scene, he moved the body of the…Abuse of PowerAttack Medical Workers and interfere Medical Treatments

University students got arrested while having breakfast


#21775Tai Po Hui Market Cooked Food Centre

At 5:40am on 11 Nov 2019, a group of PTU(Police Tactical Unit) officers went into the Tai Po Hui Market Cooked Food Centre and searched around a group of 15 CUHK students, who were merely having their breakfast; six of them were even…Abuse of Power

Firing tear gas at passengers waiting for the minibus, an old innocent passenger was feeling extremely unwell


#18355Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan

On Novermber 10th, Tsuen Wan, after the protestors have left the scene, the police fired multiple tear gas at a minibus station at Cheun Lung Street. Many passengers and passersby were feeling unwell and in pain, including some…Weapon Abuse

Police broke into and fired tear gas inside a mall


#21822Citywalk, Tsuen Wan

Police raised a blue warning flag, which was used to warn crowds of the use of force, outside Citywalk shopping mall accusing civilians of participating in an unlawful assembly. PTU (Police Tactical Unit) officers even broke into the…Abuse of PowerWeapon Abuse

Citizen gets shot in the shoulder with a pepper-spray ball when leaving Festival Walk


#18375Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

Citizens got injured during an arrest operation initiated by the Police against the protest in the Festival Walk on 10 November, among which a shopper was shot in the shoulder with a pepper-spray ball when leaving the mall. He…Weapon Abuse

Riot Police push reporter’s camera causing disruption to live broadcast


#18374Portland Street and Shanghai Street, Mongkok

An RTHK photojournalist was shoved away by the riot police during a dispersal operation in Mongkok, which caused disruption to the live broadcast. A video clip released by RTHK showed that, near 11 pm on 9 November, the riot police…Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press

Raptors suddenly pepper-spray pedestrians and cause chaos


#18329CRT 3 KWSai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok

The Police displayed a blue flag on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, to warn the persons at the scene that they were participating in an unlawful assembly at 11 pm on 9 November 2019. A member of the raptor squad suddenly used…Weapon Abuse

4 police officers allegedly raped a girl inside a police station. The police tried to hide the case but a lawyer determined to file the case.


#19246Tsuen Wan Police Station

According to the medical staff on the Facebook page “HA Secrets”, a 16-year-old girl became pregnant after she was arrested and sent to the Tsuen Wan Police Station. It’s said that she got raped by the Police during her stay in the…Sexual AbuseStarred Case

The police once again fired tear gas inside the MTR station



November 8th at around 11am, The riot police Police suddenly fired tear gas inside Tsuen Wan MTR station. On the left many passengers were still inside the gate trying to escape from the tear gas….Weapon Abuse

Police injured the journlists by firing tear gas at them intentionally


#18365Man Kuk Lane, Tseung Kwan O 

On November 9th, Tsuen Kwan O, policefiredtear gas multiple times. A journalist from RTHK was hit by one of the tear gas bombs. After midnight, at Man Kuk Lane, Tseung Kwan O, riot police fired tear gas at protestors and jouralists…Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press

Seemed to fire tear gas at the journalist intentionally (Tseun Wan)


#18367Tai Ho Road Tsuen Wan

At night, November 8th, the police fired tear gas at Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, with one of the tear gas bomb almost hit a journalist from Apple Daily. As seen in the footage, there were no protestors at scene. It seemed that the police…Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press

Riot Police Fires Live Round into Sky in Densely Populated Area


#18857Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

On 8th November at 10 p.m., according to witness, there were first riot police arriving at the junction of Nathan Road and Pitt Street, followed by protestors shouting “It’s us or them! Lets go!” and then  rushing…Weapon Abuse

Police violently silenced and busted mourner of the student who fell to death


#19292Des Voeux Road Central, Central

To pay tribute to the deceased student Chow, netizens held a flash vigil, themed as “Shame on Police Brutalities” in Central afternoon, 8 November 2019. Over 1,000 mourners gathered and stayed behind, some blocked the…Physical Violence Abuse

A group of riot police unlawfully beat the arrested at a dark corner


#18366Trend Plaza

At 10:20pm yesterday, a large number of riot police arrested at least 3 women and 1 man outside block D of Trend Plaza. Our reader, Mr. Chan, was a witness. He said that there was no conflicts between the police and the citizen. The…Deprivation of human rights of the arresteesPhysical Violence AbuseStarred Case

Mainland Student of HKCU carried a knife to scare his fellow students at the rally


#19228The Chinese University of Hong Kong

On November 7th, a graduation ceremony was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the morning, some graduates launched a parade to state the five demands. When the crowd were about to arrive at the Beacon, a mandarin-speaking…Colluding with Chinese Government

Riot Police (PTU) shot tear gas when patient was getting on ambulance


#18721Kwong Ming Court, Tseung Kwan O

At late night on 3rd Nov, Police Tactical Unit suddenly shot tear gas in front of ambulance when Ambulancemen was getting the patient on the car. PTU left right after shooting while ambulancemen had to bear the tear gas without any…Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical Treatments


#19951Tai Po Mega Mall

A male police officer busted a woman by bear-hugging the female from the back and pressing his arms to the resident’s bosom. The picture clearly shows the scene of sexual harassment committed by the cop. Telegram…Sexual Abuse

Riot Police Enter Plaza Hollywood without a warrant, threatening and shouting at shoppers


#20219Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill

In Diamond Hill, riot police entered Plaza Hollywood, some holding their pepper sprays, ordered shoppers “not to charge” while filming them, despite shoppers did not do anything beforehand. When locals started to film the…Abuse of PowerVerbal Abuse

Commander orders riot police to stay away from mall, no one obeyed.



Riot Police disobey order from the field commander and rushed into a shopping mall. The commander had ordered his subordinates to stay away from the mall but still, they charged into Zone C of Tai Po Mega Mall. The riot police…Abuse of Power



Police brutally covered the mouth of an arrestee from revealing his identity to people around, implying police’s fear of being traced by legal workers and the public of how they treat the person on detention….Physical Violence Abuse

Special Tactical Squad beat up a man bloody and threaten first aiders


#19195Portland Street, Mong Kok

Past midnight at 12 o’clock in Mong Kok, a dozen members of the Special Tactical Squad suddenly dashed to Langham Place from Grand Plaza, subduing at least four. Some arrested were beaten up bloody, leaving many big bloodstains….Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical TreatmentsPhysical Violence AbuseWeapon Abuse

Reckless Shots of Tear Gas Hitting Residential Building


#18952Outside of Southorn Playground

Around 6pm on 2nd November, police fired rounds of tear gas at residential area outside of Southorn Playground. The balcony of a residential building and a private vehicle have been hit….Weapon Abuse

72 years old woman was shot by tear gas, Blood flowing on the ground


#18776Nathan Road, Mong Kok

At around 11 pm on 31st Oct, a 72 years old woman was shot on the leg by tear gas and was not about to walk. First aider treated her wound and called ambulance. A huge amount of blood was left on the ground. While waiting for…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Riot Police (PTU) shooting tear gas into residential building in retaliation for berating crowds


#146017/F., Yat Sang House, Siu Hin Court, Tuen Mun

Police fired tear gas at crowds of civilians and residents in Tuen Mun who gathered to protest against the police’s unrestrained firing of tear gas canisters in the neighbourhood on 29 October 2019.  One tear gas canister was…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Marine Pollution: Seawater at Typhoon Shelters Dyed Blue Again


#14596Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

The seawater at Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter was dyed artificially blue again, as discovered by fishing enthusiasts in the afternoon on 28 October 2019. RTHK Facebook…Weapon Abuse

Made-in-China Tear Gas Canister Hot Enough to Melt Asphalt



A made-in-China tear gas canister burnt the paint and the asphalt on the road with its inexplicably overheated shell.  The shell was stuck fast in the road after cooling down….Weapon Abuse

Reckless use of tear gas hitting bus drivers and passengers


#14598Argyle Street, Mong Kok

Around 11:35 p.m., riot police fired rounds of tear gas in the southbound lane of the junction of Argyle Street and Nathan Road in Mong Kok filled with buses and motor vehicles, dispersing a group of mostly reporters and a few…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Window of Passing Car Broken in Riot Police (PTU)’s Tear Gas Spree


#14644Argyle Street, Mong Kok

Hong Kong Police fired tear gas without warning at the vehicles in front of them on Argyle Street.  The tear gas canisters exploded in the air and one of the “bullets” hit a car on the front window.  Tear gas oozed out from…Weapon Abuse

Riot police shot at will, restaurant on fire due to tear gas


#15052Mong Kok

Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd again. The goods beside a shop, “Hong Kongs’ fish ball noodle soup”, caught on fire after being shot directly by a tear gas. Cilivians helped distingushing the fire. TMHK…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Police Torturing Protester During Arrest, Leaving Behind Blood Puddles at Cordoned Area


#15040PTU Z2 2/8,PTU Z_ 1/8Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

An Apple Daily journalist witnessed police brutality in an Special Tactics Squad operation at 9 p.m. in Mong Kok when a male protester was hunted to the ground and beaten repeatedly by an STS officer with a baton at Tung Choi Street. …Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of PressPhysical Violence AbuseStarred Case

Riot Police on Leaving Police Vehicle Firing Tear Gas into A Pharmacy


#14861Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

Riot police officers riding on their Police Tactical Unit (PTU) vehicles, which were about to leave Nathan Road, suddenly opened the back door and fired tear gas at the side of the road without prior warning.  A pharmacy got gassed and…Starred CaseWeapon Abuse

Pedestrian Shot in the Head by Tear Gas Canister



A pedestrian got shot in the head by a tear gas canister and bled a lot in Yau Ma Tei on 27 October 2019. Editorial Board, CityU SU HKUSU Campus TV…Weapon Abuse

Water Cannon Truck “Cooling Down” Best Mart 360


#14868Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Police in Mong Kok attempted to keep Best Mart 360˚ (a food retailer allegedly tied with Fujian gangsters) cool with its high-pressure water cannon on 27 October 2019. Facebook…Weapon Abuse

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