Hong Kong Police Slam Teargas Bombs Into Residential Buildings

Photo: Li Tianzheng

On the afternoon of the 28th, in Hong Kong many protestors were arrested on the streets. But strangely, there was a strong and pungent smell of tear gas in Tuen Mun, which is a residential area in the Southern part of Hong Kong. It made many inhabitants feel extremely uncomfortable. Because the Hong Kong Police Daxing Action Base is located in Tuen Mun District, people speculated that police officers may have been testing tear gas in the Base.

That evening, hundreds of people gathered in Daxing. Outside the Action Base, people protested against the health hazards caused by tear gas. At 10 o’clock in the evening, the police fired teargas into the streets and fired teargas into a few nearby buildings.

“Standing News” reported that on the afternoon of the 28th, there were traces of unpleasant gases in Tuen Mun, that were affecting many school-goers.

Some people felt irritated and had itchy eyes after inhaling the teargas in Tianjin Village. There was also a man and a woman who were brought by ambulance to the hospital for treatment after complaining of feeling sick.

Some factory employees in the area said that at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they smelled a strong pungent odor outside their building. They said their eyes felt irritated and teary and their nose and throats were dry. After using nasal spray and teardrops they put on masks putting on a mask and the symptoms were slightly relieved.

Tuen Mun Ferry Pier

At the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, market people who smelt gas began to feel uncomfortable with coughing. In order to find the source of the odor, firefighters went to a nearby pool to investigate whether it was leaking chlorine. However, the pool staff said that there was no gas leakage in the engine room.

The public questioned the police’s test of teargas at the nearby Daxing Action Base. The police claimed that they did not fire any gas, but residents were not convinced. Afterward, 10 Tuen Mun District Councillors jointly announced their condemnation of so-called “police care.”

In a residential neighborhood, testing teargas is simply not acceptable. Councilors demanded an explanation and an apology from the police force.

At 8 o’clock that evening, hundreds of residents gathered in Tuen Mun to protest against the police. The police were present. A water-filled guard rail was erected outside the Action Base. About 10 riot police with shields and batons were patrolling outside. Police also used the top floor to monitor the Base. They used a powerful torch on the public. Residents demanded to know the cause of the odor. Police officers did not respond and raised the flag several times to ask the people to disperse.

It was past 10 pm when anti-riot police pushed in the direction of Liangyun Street, during which more than 10 tear gas bombs were fired. For over half an hour, there were no demonstrators, but the anti-riot police continued to fire tear gas.

One of the tear gas bombs hit the walls of the residential Baoyi Garden, and the gas entered into homes. Afterward, a large number of police officers entered the Baoyi Shopping Center to investigate. Two other policemen shot private cars parked on the roadside.

Mr. Wang told “Standing News” that riot police stood on the different floors of the nearby residential building, Zhaoxuanyuan, Yisheng Court. Baoyi Garden, opposite, was guarded by riot police on the street.

At 10:30, the riot police fired 2 or 3 shots of gas bombs in the air. Tear gas was shot at the Baoyi Garden walls and also on the 7th floor above the Yisheng Pavilion.

Mr. Wang a resident observed the scenes from behind an unlocked door in an apartment. A minute later, he heard a sudden loud noise coming from the elevator port behind him. He saw tear gas bombing upstairs and the corridor was filled with smoke.

Mr. Wang said that at the time, several residents people were upstairs and some of them were older. They were all feeling sick because of the teargas. Mr. Wang’s eyes were also irritated. Mr. Wang had to go and treat with his eyes with saline.

He was extremely angry as told reporters “Everywhere is residential buildings. Downstairs are people in slippers. Why should residents be treated this way?”

A minute later, Mr.Wang heard a sudden loud noise coming from the elevator port behind him. He saw tear gas bombing upstairs and the corridor was filled with smoke.

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