Evidence Reveals CCP Lies concerning Hong Kong Protests

A Hong Kong protester

The Chinese government has finally broken down the “One Country, Two Systems Agreement.”

After the reunification on the Hong Kong issue, it has repeatedly compromised the freedom of the people of Hong Kong.

The unusual law concerning fugitives is completely forfeiting the liberty of the people of Hong Kong.

Since June, citizens have endured numerous demonstrations. Demonstrators have repeatedly called to have the extradition law be made null and void. However, Lin Zheng has not responded and has deceived people with unlawful phrases. “The bill is dead” is not legally admissible.

Demonstrators have seen that the law has not been withdrawn and is still listed.

The extradition bill end July

The Communist Party of China(CCP) is attempting to suppress Hong Kong. It is forcing Hong Kong to accept “One Country, One System.” It is trying to find excuses and is maliciously discrediting the people of Hong Kong.

CCP propaganda is seeking to label the Hong Kong people as rebels in the eyes of the world.

However, there has been no notion of Hong Kong demanding independence in the five major requests from the people.

On the contrary, during the “million march demonstration” Hong Kongers who took part demonstrated their respect for the law. People witnessed how they automatically acted as one to open up a road to let an ambulance through.

After the demonstration, protesters cleaned up the street, leaving the road spotlessly clean.

This is the real-life reflection of the character of Hong Kong citizens. It is an excellent example of the peaceful, rational and high-quality civilization of Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong girl badly injured the face by suspected bean bag pellets fired by police in Tsim Sha Tsui 

The CCP Regime is terrified that the Chinese people Hong Kong will stand up for their rights and demand democracy and liberty.

In contrast to the people of Hong Kong, who are trying their best to act civilly under the circumstances, the armed police force behaves arrogantly. They deliberately stopped emergency ambulances from passing through and their actions were savage. They beat people indiscriminately, and incited chaos by firing shots wildly.

A journalist was shot in the mayhem. It was the armed forces who fired shots inside the metro station. It immediately became as dangerous and toxic as a gas chamber.

The government also collaborated with gangsters to randomly beat protesters in the public and witnesses saw how cops beat up a pregnant woman.

The armed forces were seen screaming in anger and shooting directly at the head of a person. The shots ricochet and wounded ambulance staff.

The most shocking thing is that CCP ordered the police to dress as protesters to cause a series of riots.

At the airport incidents, both the beater and the one being beaten were both CCP.

Fu Guohao, the man who got beaten was recruited from the National Security Agency.

In fact, the government has been acting behind the scenes since the implementation of the Legislative Council.

At the time, the police on duty were aware but turned a blind eye.

Government authorities came out to speak at 4 am. They accused the protestors of uncontrolled violence. The video was, in fact, discovered to be recorded beforehand.

This can be seen in the video. The watch on the man’s wrist shows it was 5 o’clock. It was a show deliberately created to stir up publicity. Their aim was to find excuses and put the blame on the demonstrators.

This man is threatening to destroy the camera with a police baton.

The CCP also stated that students colluded with foreign forces. This is the so-called “reason” why the regime is determined to suppress the Hong Kong protests at any cost.

The allegations against the protesters are completely unfounded. One-third percent of Hong Kong people who demonstrate take part as a collective will.

No foreign force can incite such a large crowd.

“Million March” Hong Kong

Some netizens have uncovered CCP propaganda documents.

There is no doubt that the so-called “violent turmoil in Hong Kong independence” has been created by CCP Regime.

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